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Will 29 Apr 07 22:32
I've now added a list of recent changes to the 'talk' pages at the bottom of the Recent Changes page.  This should make it easier to keep track of talk page comments and questions.

Will 29 Apr 07 22:30

The differences you noticed were mostly just mistakes, which I've now corrected.  Thanks for pointing them out.

I'm still working on the recording sessions pages.  The This is Hardcore LP sessions are going to be the most difficult because very little official information has been released about them.

alphi 29 Apr 07 20:09
Thank you for putting more infos about the recording sessions. But there are some informations which are different from the official website:
Please can you explain those differences ? I've put some notes on the talk pages.

Will 3 Jan 07 0:11
It's still there - you can find it here.

? 2 Jan 07 22:39
Hello, I'm looking for the comic strip about common people. Yesterday I found it, today, it simply disappeared...can you help me?

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