Sunrise (song)

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  • Percussion: Julian Poole
  • Lap steel guitar: Richard Hawley
  • Choir arranged by: Peter Walsh & Clive Goddard
  • Additional engineering: Matt Lawrence
  • Strings recorded at Air Studios by: Geoff Foster
  • Leader: Gavyn Wright
  • Orchestral conductor: Isobel Griffiths
  • Choir recorded at Angel Studios by: Steve Price
  • Choral co-ordinator: Jenny O'Grady
  • Choir: The Metro Voices


I used to hate the sun
because it shone on everything I'd done
Made me feel
that all that I had done
was overfill the ashtray of my life

All my achievements in days of yore
range from pathetic to piss-poor
but all that's gonna change

Because here comes
Yeah, here's your

I used to hide from the sun
tried to live my whole life underground
Why'd you have to rise and ruin all my fun?
Just turned over
closed the curtains on the day

But here comes
Yeah, here's your

When you've been awake all night long
and you feel like crashing out at dawn
But you've been awake all night
so why should you crash out at dawn?

Jarvis' comments

They say the darkest hour is just before the dawn, don't they? I don't know if it's true, but they say it. I always hate it when you've been at an all-night party and then suddenly the sun starts coming up and you think, 'Why didn't I go home an hour ago?'. You feel unnatural because every other creature's just waking up and the birds start doing the dawn chorus and you feel out of step with nature. So on a simple level the song's just about trying to react to the sunrise in a better way and not to screw things up for yourself.

Alternative versions and remixes

Sunrise (live at King's College, London: September 2001)
Sunrise (live at The Scala, London: 18 April 2002)
Sunrise (Peel Session)
Sunrise (remake version)
  • Length: 5:52
  • Releases: Unreleased, but was circulated on a promo CD, which in the past has been sold at places such as eBay.
  • Info: This unreleased mix is similar to the version that was used on the album and single. There are some subtle differences in the instrumentation, for example, the drums and choir are louder. They possibly planned to use this on the single, but changed their minds.


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