Ask Doctor Pulp

'Ask Doctor Pulp' was a regular feature in the official Pulp People fan club's newsletters. Members of the fan club could send questions which were then answered by the band.

Alex, who ran the fan club, was not always successful in tracking down band members (especially Jarvis) to answer questions, and even when she did there was a sense that they were less than enthusiastic about answering long lists of sometimes obscure or silly questions. Nevertheless, over the years, these Q&A sessions did uncover some interesting facts, as well as providing insights into the personalities of the band members.

February 95

A new regular feature in which you, the fans, get to ask Dr Pulp the questions no-one else ever dared or cared to in the past. Send your questions now - there's a prize for the best one in each issue.

Tell me, Dr Pulp, what is Jarvis saying at the start of She's A Lady on His 'n' Hers?

Jarvis is talking about a dream he had where he came out of a tube station and there were big metal daffodils piping out ambient Chinese music. He can remember thinking "I wish Mark was here now 'cos he would really like it" !

Tell me, Dr Pulp, are there any plans to release the film of Do You Remember The First Time ? on video ?

Ah, well there are no plans for this at the moment, but it's quite likely that it will be released some time in the future. Meanwhile, a Russian television station are planning to broadcast the film with Russian subtitles !

Tell me, Dr Pulp, how far is the earth from the moon ?

Any self-respecting Pulp Person should know that the moon revolves around the earth at a mean distance of 384,400 kilometres. Ask me a difficult one.

May 95

After reading Disco-Very and the Pulp Scrapbook, Wendy Gabriel of London would like to know if there are any more unreleased Pulp songs she doesn't know about. What do you say doctor ?

There are hundreds, and most of them never made it out of the rehearsal room for various reasons. Some of the better ones were Didn't Feel A Thing, I've Got A Dream For You, Snow, A Day In The Life Of... and Breaking Down The Front Door, which all date from 1984-86. Many of these songs were not recorded in any form so it's impossible for anyone to hear them.

Sam from Lowestoft would like to know if any members of Pulp do the National Lottery.. ?

Well, Russell and Steve only compete occasionally, Steve copies the numbers from whoever's standing next to him, whilst Russell uses "a very long and involved system that is not very interesting". Nick's a betting man and he takes part every week - he recommends clusters of up to three consecutive numbers and always uses 23. (Nick's the only member of the group to have won anything and that was only ten pounds.) Jarvis and Candida try to enter every week. Candida chooses numbers at random but likes those in their 40's. Jarvis now uses a special lottery keyring to choose his numbers to take the responsibility off himself. He thinks it's best to use it to select the numbers just before buying a ticket on Saturday so that the keyring is subject to similar atmospheric conditions as the real lottery machine.

Jerome Peyrel's obscure star question asks Dr Pulp "Who is David Kurley"?

Oh yes, Mr Kurley is the ex-lead singer of a drummerless Sheffield 3-piece band from the 80's. The group was called New Model Soldier and had a song called "Anorexic Beauty", whose lyrics Russell bought from their author for one pound. David Kurley went to school with Candida before forming NMS with Paul Fern and Migsy. The band's only release before splitting up onstage was "Dance The Death Of A Thousand Cuts" on Bunny Rabbit Catch The Man Records. Russ remembers that David appeared onstage in a black capped sleeve t-shirt that had a set in diagonal chiffon stripe through which you could see his pock marked body. He worked in a pub with Nick before becoming a Butlins redcoat.

Jan/Feb 96

Steve Bayliss is from Widnes and he's interested to find out just what Jarvis is going on about in Common People in the "Dog lying in a corner" bit. Is it too obscene to publish, he asks?

The Doc says, whilst recording the acoustic guitar track, Jarvis' headphone level was too loud, and he was asking for it to be turned down. The "Dog lying in the corner" bit is Jarvis wittering on as only he can, while the levels were corrected. The group thought it sounded good anyway and kept it.

Another question from Steve: On the St. Etienne fanclub-only CD, the notes on the inlay sleeve say "Photo's by......and Jarvis Cocker". Is it the photo on the front that Jarvis took, and if it is, is that Kelvin Flats as in Deep Fried In Kelvin?

Yes and no Steve, it is Jarvis' photograph but he didn't take it - he found it, and passed it on to Bob (Stanley). It isn't Kelvin Flats, but it's a nice idea.

James Furner from Purley, asks, which charity shops are best for clothes, and does Jarvis still use them?

These days Jarvis' clothes may look like they're from Help the Aged but infact he has become a charity case himself, regulary receiving donations and food parcels from Katherine Hamnett. "Designer labels are the new charity shops". Yeah, right.

Lucy Dean wants to know if the girl who steals the two drinks in the Mis-Shapes video is the actress who played Zammo's girlfriend Jackie in Grange Hill?

Yes it is Lucy, she's certainly come along way since the heady days of "Just Say No"

Paul Kelly from Dumfries wants to know, which song from His 'n' Hers is it that Nick plays fire extinguisher on? C'mon Nicky, spill the beans.

It's David's Last Summer, Paul, but Nick doesnt actually play it saxaphone style as you might have imagined, but merely taps the casing. He had planned to let it off in the studio but health & safety regulations prevented him from doing so.

Mark Birney is from Shropshire and asks the Doctor to ask the group, what is their most treasured possession?

Mark was the only member of Pulp around when I put this question to him, and he confessed that he is very attached to his "collection of misprinted postcards". Thought it might be, Mark.

Emma Braidwood of Margate needs advice; She has recently begun a Media Studies course and is finding it really boring, apart from Fridays when they do Film Studies. What she wants to know is, should she chuck in the course and do something else, or should she do the course just so she can come in on Fridays and do film?

Well, Emma, far be it from me to decide the course your life should take, but my advice to you is, go and get on a proper film course and stop mucking about with the media shit.

Becky, over there is the US of Stateside, simply wants to know what brands of cigarettes do the band smoke?

Smoking is not a habit I would recommend to Pulp People but the band lead stressful lives so I suppose I'll make an exception in their case. Jarvis and Steve both smoke Silk Cut, whilst Russell prefers Silk Cut Ultra Low to the usual full strength variety.

Pip Thomson, from Beverley, is having trouble deciphering Jarvis' ramblings: What the fuck is he on about in P.T.A. when all you can hear is a girl giggling?

After listening to the track, I can honestly say I don't know. We asked Mark if he could shed any light on the matter: "Jarvis wanted to make Candida giggle and took her behind a screen in the studio, as soon as you could say PTA Candida was giggling uncontrollably! Yet, to this day, nobody knows what went on behind that screen."

April 96

Ruth Huskisson wants to know who is the guy in the Misshapes video in the toilets wearing purple checked trou­sers?

That particular unfortunate young man is the singer in the ill-fated 'Romo' outfit Orlando.

Along the same kind of lines, Bob Walton wants to know who the girl is standing with her back against the railings on the reverse of Candida's picture on the album insert.

We consulted Mark on this matter, whose response was as follows: "I dont know, but she's gorgeous and I'd love to meet her". We here at the surgery have an idea that she may have won a modelling competition... but we might be lying.

Janet Lawerence from Cheddar wants to find out if Jarvis has a favourite aftershave, and if Candida has a favourite perfume. And where oh where does little Mark get his silver nail varnish from?

Mark gets his nail varnish from Kensington Market, but since his recent rise to fame he is regulary given a variety of different beauty products by fans. Jarvis' favourite aftershave is 'Gucci' whilst Candi­da's favourite perfume is the more affordable 'Mango' by the body shop. And while we're compiling those Christmas present lists, Mark's favourite perfume is 'Givenchy', Steve's is 'Old Spice', Nick's is the subtle fragrance of 'Imperial Leather" and Russell, always the classiest by far, opts for 'Essence of Woodruff' whatever that is...

Sadie from Southsea asks "Can someone please tell me, who is Miss Julie Jones (DD)?"

Regularly namechecked on the back of Pulp albums, Miss Julie Jones is a personal friend of Jarvis and has been defined as "Pulp stylist and inspiration".

Claire from Norwich asks: Is the female voice on "It" that of Jarvis' sister Saskia?

Claire obviously hasn't bothered to read the sleevenotes because if she had she would know that girlie backing vocals were provided by Jill Taylor, Saskia Cocker, Joanne, Julie and Alison.

The beautiful Azalee has a question for the doctor: How did Jarvis break his toe?

We've all heard tell of Jarvis' legendary broken toe incident, but the less glamourous truth is that, whilst walking around his flat barefoot a piece of wood fell from behind the washing machine as a result of the vibrations. It completely bent back his little toe but the painful pinkie was not broken at all, merely badly bruised.

Mark Burden from Wiltshire is wondering, was it Anne Dudley directing the orchestra for 'I-Spy' on Later...? (For the peasants among you who've never heard of Anne Dudley, she worked with The Art of Noise and Propaganda)

Yes Mark, you are absolutely right, and Anne was also conducting the 90-piece orchestra at the Brit awards.

Dr. Pulp, could you please find out what is each member of the group's most treasured possession? This comes from Mark Birney from Shrop­shire.

I questioned each member of the band personally on this one and this was their reply: Russell - Vanessa Mae CD (although this is vehe­mently denied); Nick -1966 World Cup football squad signed football; Candida - Two expensive silk rugs; Mark - Collection of mis-printed or mis-cut postcards; Jarvis - Protime wristwatch which incorporates cigarette lighter; Steve refused to answer because he'd just got out of bed and "Didn't want to think about it".

Samantha Millers mysterious query arises from her boyfriend's brother's memory of Pulp's first Sheffield performance - at the Leadmill on a Saturday afternoon; He says they played a version of Bruce Springsteen's "Darkness on the edge of town" and Jarvis was playing an electronic drum thing that went 'Boom-Boom' after the 'darkness' line, and that the bass-player fell off the stage. True, or mis-fact, Dr. P?

Amazingly enough Samantha, this is all true except for the 'Darkness' cover - though they did play "Stepping Stone" which ended prema­turely when the drummer forgot there was a pause in the middle and thought it was the end of the song. The concert took place on the 18th of August 1980 and also on the bill were Artery, Scarborough Antelopes, and the Flying Alfonso Brothers. Brilliant.

Claire from Norfolk wants to know who's mouth it is at the start of the Mis-shapes video?

The mouth in question is none other than Jarvis Cocker in townie guise.

Dylan from Stockport wants to know 'Just how long are Jarvis' fingers?'

We did not have a tape measure handy, but we estimate his thumb to be approximately 3 inches and middle finger approximately 4 inches.

Dominique from Belfast puts a tricky one to the good doctor: "What would Jarvis and his acolytes do if presented with a Brit Award by Marti Pellow?"

In a first for Pulp People, Dr Pulp refused to reply, muttering only that the question "Was not approved by the doctor".

Aaron Lavery of Preston is interested to know what were the group's fave album and singles of the last year?

We were only able to get hold of Russell and Mark, Mark's top LP was Cast's 'All Change', single was 'Get Wild' by The New Power Generation. Russell chose the first Bluetones single, the title of which evaded him, but which he managed to hum very tunefully down the phone. Equally vague about an album, he plumped for "The Radio-head one, I've never heard it but I'm told it's very good". Just for the record, as if anyone's going to be interested, top of the pulp people pops is (by miles) the new Yoko Ono album, along with Denim on Ice, How Deep is Your Love? by the late Take That, and everything ever by Edwyn.

Lisa Kozoriz from Canada has a question: "PTA is such a lovely song but what on earth does Jarvo sing between 'Cause I've never had a woman before' and '...and I don't know what it's like to be young'?

Right Lisa, the missing lyric is 'I was too scared to touch the girls at the Poly'. Now you can sing along to the whole song.

July / August 1996

Lori from Selly Oak wants to ask Pulp who their child­hood heroes were? She would also like to know their favourite cartoon characters - do they, like her, adore Ren + Stimpy? (Richard Banks gets our vote)

Mark's childhood hero was, as if it isn't obvious, Kevin Keegan; Candida opts for the abstract: "Villains were my heroes". The same, goes for cartoon

On a more serious note Briege from Co Tyrone would like to ask the group about their theories on how the world began. Big Bang? God? Pulp?

Candida goes for the traditional Darwinian theory whereas Mark, with the usual optimism, says "I have none, I worry about how it will end."

Slava, our only Russian - American Pulp Person, asks the doctor what Jarvis and the rest of the group think about the Beatles?

Mark is a big fan, he loves them. He reckons the best LP is "Let it be"; As for Candida, her reply was "Alot - All positive."

Jane from Scunthorpe is one of the many Pulp People wanting to know where the photograph for the sleeve of Common People was taken?

This photograph was taken in a cafe in Sheffield, no-one remembers where exactly.

Jenny from Walsall would like to ask each individual member, what do they consider to be their best song?

Candida favours 59 Lyndhurst Grove, I Spy and Common People. Webbo sensibly opts for mid-period Pulp, before he joined, with My Legendary Girlfriend.

The lovely Margote of Tournico...Pulp fame would be interested to know, how many languages does Jarvis speak? We presume "speak", in this context constitutes more than "This next song is about..."

Jarvo gave this a considerable amount of thought before giving us his answer: "None".

Alice from Cheshire wants to know what are the names of the pubs at the end of the Mis-Shapes video - it's driving her mad!

According to the Pulp Pub Watch, the pubs are: The Beeches, The Stag, and The Kings Head.

Christian from Leeds along with practically everyone else wants to know where each one of the twelve photographs on the Different Class inserts were taken?

Right then in order to re-create these memorable scenes you would have to travel to: Regents Park (Candida); Scarborough Beach (Russell); North Yorkshire Moors (Steve); Thirsk Town Centre, and a chip shop in Scarbor­ough (Jarvis); A Bus Stop next to St Pauls Cathedral (Nick); Lastly, and somewhat appropriately we feel, Webbo was snapped in a Tesco's car park.

Claire of Gillingham wonders whether the group have ever met Morrissey? If so, what did they make of him?

Candida has, and she found Morrissey "Strong, and yet shy at the same time." Mark on the other hand hasn't and has no wish to either.

Charmaine is after any Pulp beauty secrets or regimes the members of the group employ to stay so handsome / lovely / svelte etc.?

We interviewed each member of the group individually on this important matter, and their replies were as follows:
Jarvis : "Are you joking?"
Nick : "Alcohol, late nights and Polyfilla."
Steve : "Fruit, vegetables, water, exercise, Clinique Factor 21/2 Face Scrub and Turnaround Lotion."
Russell and Candida mysteriously share the same secret: Blood of young virgins - Male or Female, they don't care. Names and addresses to the usual place...
For some peculiar reason Mr. Webster declined to comment on this question.

Hayley from Liverpool wants to know who is the lovely boy who stars in the Disco 2000 video?

Well Hayley, unfortunately for you, the lovely boy is married - Pat and Jo Skinny are a husband and wife team and good friends of Pulp. That's all we

Autumn 1996

First patient is Lynsay from Kirkcudbright. She had a long list of questions for the group, many of which have been asked at some time or another. So here, for the last time, are the authoritative answers!

When asked to sing his favourite line from his favourite Pulp song, Mark happily, if not altogether convincingly, trilled "Pitsmoor woman, Oh let me in tonight", from My Legendary Girlfriend. Nick's is from Sheffield Sex City, but I couldn't work out which line it was - let's just say the whole lot, it'd be hard to pick just one. Russell went for "Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah", from Babies (no I'm not making this up). In the unlikely event of Pulp being awarded OBE's, Candida, Mark and Nick said they would of course accept. Russell too, but "only to please the relatives". As for who is the Ringo of the band, and why? Nick provided the answer: "I'd say Russell - well Ringo's famous for being the fourth best drummer in The Beatles isn't he, and as most people in Pulp are better guitar players than Russell, there's your answer". Err, thanks for that insight, Nick. Candida's reply was more sensible: "Nick, 'cos he's the drummer". When asked who influenced the group the most, Nick says that the band that most influenced Pulp was the Sex Pistols (much more convincing than Russell's "Judge Dredd"), Candida said the Manics but I think it was a Doyle jape. As for the scariest item of underwear ever thrown onstage, Nick reckoned, "a pair of glasses". Russell said, "Men's Y-Fronts". Candida, understandably, said, "a 36DD bra". When asked, "Do you want to be bigger than Jesus?", Nick replied Does anyone know how tall he was?".

Sarah of Knaresborough has been feeling a bit uptight and is wondering if the group have any tried and tested methods of relaxation?

Mark spends (lots of) money; Nick walks his dog, Malcolm. Russell's "never mastered the art of relaxing, and all Candida needs is "a sunny day, a good film, and tea"

Filipa from Lisbon wonders, what do Pulp think about 'Romo'?

Mark speaks for the whole group if not the whole world in saying that he doesn't actually think about Romo. Ever. Nick on the other hand rightly supposes: "It's an old washing powder with an 'R' on the front, isn't it?" Russell finds it "of no great cultural significance".

Andrew from Hull would like to know if the group have a favourite Pulp concert?

Nick's reply was the Drury Lane 'do' in December '94; Mark's was at the Halifax Leisure Centre in 19[91], Russell's was the Heineken festival performance in 1995, and Candida's was the recent Shetland Islands date.

Georgina from High Wycombe wants to know who the band think are the brightest hopes/new bands for the future?

Nick enthused about 'Rocket From The Crypt' and 'Super Furry Animals'; Mark is pretty keen on 'Tiger' and 'Broadcast'. We're sticking with Soulbossa, Baby Birkin and the Electric Sound Of Joy.

Jason from Barton-upon-Humber wonders what Jarvis is going on about in the intro to 'She's a Lady'?

We couldn't get a definitive answer on this one, but Mark reckons it's about a dream that Jarvis had once - further details are sketchy but this dream featured Mark and, we think, a Chinese Takeaway... (?)

Miss Alex Douet of Surrey is wondering what the "Pulpy lot are currently grooving to?"

Nick's chilling to Miles Davis, whilst Mark is checking out early Japan and Gary Numan. And in case you're interested, we never take Scott 4 or The Relaxing Sound Of Bert Kaempfert" off the Pulp Towers turntable. Russell's into "early ska by unknown bands". Not giving much away there, Russell. Candida just can't stop playing the last Beck Ip.

One of our few Icelandic Pulp people, Gullu, is keen to find out what the group thought of the bands who played before them in Iceland, Funkstrasse, Botnledja, and SS Sol?

Mark seemed to be under the impression that all three bands were made up of the same group of people, even though he only actually saw Funkstrasse - "quite good, very into their dancing." Nick could only suggest that the Icelandic air and beer seemed to affect people in a very strange way. Russell: "Great names, can't comment on the music as I didn't see them".

The fantastically named Harry Pye from London is on dodgy ground with his question - "What do the group think of the actor Gene Wilder, whether they have a favourite film, and so on?"

Mark refuses point blank to watch any GW film, especially those featuring Richard Pryor. Nick thinks he's alright, "nice frizzy hair", 'Stir Crazy' and 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory' were nominated as being particulary popular in the Banks household. Candida's favourite GW film is "Silver Streak". Russell, never one to beat about the bush, said: "I think Gene Wilder adds nothing to the happiness of mankind and has no right to exist". Well Harry, we did warn you!

Favourite things crop up alot in your questions - Amber asks for the group's favourite food, band, item of clothing and thing to do on a day off

OK, here goes. Food - Mark: warm goat's cheese salad; Nick: Sunday Dinner; Russell: Black Chicken, Garfish, giant puffballs, or traditional goose; Candida: Carrot & coriander soup. Band - Mark: Velvet Underground; Nick: Burt Bacharach; Russell: Early Stones; Candida: Black Grape. Item of Clothing -Mark: Brown cords; Nick: His new black jeans, which are quite fluffy; Russell: His new suit, hand made in Sheffield; Candida: A new cardigan from Miss Selfridge. Thing to do on a day off - Mark: Take a boat trip; Nick - Walk Malcolm; Russell: Collect fungi; Candida: "Nothing".

Many of you have asked his Doctorness what are the group's favourite films?

Mark's fave flick is by that well known director of wholesome family films, Roman Polanski, ' The Tenant' (1976); Nick's choice is 'Midnight Cowboy' (John Schlesinger, 1969), closely followed by 'Quatermass and the Pit' (Roy Ward Baker, 1967), "very frightening indeed." Russell's pretty keen on Fellini's 'La Dolce Vita' (1960) - we wouldn't recommend this to anyone under 18, as it's very rude indeed! Much more suitable is The Wizard of Oz' (Victor Fleming, 1939), which is Candida's fave.

Pulp people have been asking which football team the group support.

At last we have the answers: Nick, Steve and Jarvis are all Wednesday fans, whilst Candida and Russell support Sheffield United; Mark is neutral, although Nick assures us that Mark, Candida and Russell "Wouldn't know a football if it slapped them in the face."

The lovely Zebulon of Tournico... Pulp fame want's to know who were the two "Rappers" who "danced" with Pulp during 'Sorted' at the Brits and at Wembley?

We didn't actually witness this ourselves but we are assured that the pair were Pete Mansell and Danny Doyle (Candida's boyfriend and brother, respectively). Danny's band, Chin, supported Pulp in the Shetlands.

Rachel from Doncaster wanted to know what Pulp thought of England's performance in Euro '96?

Mark responded with "Surprisingly coherant - I was impressed that they bumbled their way as far as they did." Nick - "Very, very good. But also disappointing that they didn't make it to the final." Apparently their footballing prowess made Russell "proud to be English". Even Candida was "very impressed".

Marina, from Sevenoaks, wonders what Russell's children think of their Dad's music?

"They genuinely like it", is the official response from Senior Mansions.

Christmas 96

The gorgeous Margote, who hails from Rennes, wants to know what the shy Webbo's reaction was when he met the legendary Cynthia Plastercaster - what were the circumstances, what happened exactly, and are we to expect a "Webbo oeuvre d'art" by Miss Plastercaster in the near future...?'

Well that's a terrifying prospect, Margote. and such a thing would certainly put Cocker's measly wax model in the shade - but let's find out what really happened. Mark "I didn 't recognise her at first and had to ask Jarvis if it was really her, I was amazed - she looked really young and not at all how she looks in her film "W.R - The Mistress of the Organism". Anyway, because she's done so many things with people I like & admire, we got talking. The subject of a cast did come up (so to speak) and Cynthia playfully suggested that it would be much rarer than one of Jarvis, but despite this, it's not going to happen - I'm far too shy."An interesting fact emerged from this conversation, which was, when Cynthia P. came over to London last year to do some readings from her diaries at the Disobey Club, it was hoped that Pulp would be improvising some music on stage as she read. Sadly this was not to be as they were too busy recording Different Class. Shame.

Ceri Jones, from Alsager, has a couple of questions: Firstly, what or where are Pulp's favourite tourist attractions in Britain and Europe, and secondly, where did the girls' on the front of Disco 2000 part 2 get their lovely dresses from?

Russell always enjoys a few hours in the Victoria & Albert Museum when in London; Candida likes visiting churches and remembers a particularly lovely one in St Etienne - she can't remember it's name though!; Nick's favourite spot is The Cliffs of Moher, which can be found half way down the west coast of Ireland; Mark is happiest in The Anthology Film Archive on the corner of 2nd Street and 2nd Avenue, New York City. He also suggested that the dresses worn by the Disco 2000 girls were probably their own, or, if not, they might have been supplied by the Pulp stylist the legendary Miss Julie Jones, DD.

Three questions from Argentina now. Javier's perverse thoughts revolve around the "hand & feet size being related to the size of the male member" myth. Well boys?

Could only bring myself to ask Nick this one, and his reply was, yes, of course - being a drummer Nick obviously has very well developed hands and er, feet.

Secondly, what do Pulp reckon to Madonna's virtuoso performance in "Evita"?

Both Nick and Mark have no desire whatsoever to see the film, and therefore cannot comment Candida hasn't seen it either but "hopes it's good for her [Madonna's] sake". Russe has "no idea". Perhaps I should point out to our Argentinian friend that the film doesn 't open in the UK until January...

Lastly, according to Javier, some people think that music sung in Spanish will be the future of rock and pop. What do you think?

Nick "No"; Mark couldn't speak for laughing, Russell said "Dream on ", and Candida, despite loving the accent had to say "No Way" too.

Three more questions from a far off land; Morgan Teller from California wonders what Pulp think of Gary Oldman and (going back a bit here) "The Young Ones"?

Gary Oldman first - Mark thinks he's ok, but particularly bad in "Track 29", Candida's response was "Oh - he's an actor!", Russell wasn't far behind with "Is he in 2 point 4 Children?" Oh dear. When he realised who it was we were talking about he recalled his performance as Joe Orton in Prick Up Your Ears, and said that was quite good. Nick feels he's "a reasonable actor - not too bad". As for The Young Ones, well we all agree that it was funny at the time but has dated very badly indeed, helped by far too many student imitations. Mark is unable to relate to it at all due to his non -studenty - upbringing. Candida had a massive crush on Rik MayaE..Russell likes Young Ones, but "only if they 're over 16" Ha ha.

Still with the cinematic theme, who was everyone's favourite character in "Trainspotting"'?

Nick: Diane / Begbie; Mark: Diane / Spud; Candida: Diane; Russell hasn 't seen it but went on to describe his favourite character nevertheless, I couldn't make head nor tail of it other than it's "an incidental character who has nothing to do either drugs or crime".

The mysteriously named Sister Caz, from The Wirral, wants to know if smutty fanmail ever makes Jarvis blush? (What smutty fan mail's that and further­more, why should Jarvis get it rather than the others?) Caz also had a few Wants, but as she didn't give an address or a normal name, there's not a lot of point in printing them).

Don't know if any of it actually makes him blush, but he's always quite secretive when it comes to his mail and never shows anyone else. He is continually sur­prised by "the number of middle aged women who write" (not our words), and more than a little disturbed by some of the things the pre-teens come up with (he's not the only one).

Jennifer Konstant, all the way from the US of Stateside, is wondering who out of the group are big ABBA fans, and if they are, what is their favourite song?

Mark's not the biggest Abba fan in the world but reckons Lay All Your Love on Me is pretty good; Nick rates himself as "fair to middling" on the fanometer, and names Fernando as his favourite tune. Candida isn 't a big fan either but oddly enough chose the same song as Mark - Lay All Your Love on Me. Russell likes Dancing Queen, but dismisses Abba as being nothing more than "amusing kitsch " - well I don't know about that!

Hannah McLafferty's life depends on the answers to this question, or so she tells me; Do Pulp have a favourite poem?

Candida likes the "When We Were Very Young" poems by AA. Milne; Mark's favourite poem is "Waking to hear from You", by Gerard Malanga - it's the only poem he's "ever sent to a girl". Nick's is by John Betjeman but he couldn 't remember the title - "Something about Bendy Wendy", which sounds quite likely. Russell's favourite is "The Raven", by Edgar Allen Poe

Katy, from Swindon, has a question for Steve: What is the book he's reading in the "Do You Remember the First Time" video? She's tried everything, including binoculars, to decipher the title.

The identity of the yellow paperback is likely to remain a mystery, because I sure can't read it and couldn't get hold of Steve to solve the mystery. If anyone knows, please tell us!

Rosemary Knight, from Maidstone, wants to ask the group how many times it took them to pass their driving tests?

Russell and Mark passed first time (typical), whilst it took Nick three goes - but he wanted to point out that he didn 't have any lessons until he'd already failed twice, then his Mum agreed that it might be a good idea if he did. Candida has never even attempted to learn - "too scared". Blimey!.

A cheery query from Catrin Morgan: What do the group regret most about their lives?

Nick hasn 't had any regrets, which must be a great feeling; Candida, in a rare show of evil said that "not hiring a hit man to knock off Clive Soloman" will always be her greatest regret. Let's hope the opportunity soon presents itself! Mark's only regret so far is that he hasn't made his solo album. I'm sure you will in time, Mark. Russell's reply was very quick - "joining this group" - I'm sure he was just joshing though.

A good one from Sonia Boundy: Who do Pulp rate as the worst group around today and why? (Good job she didn't ask us, eh readers?!!)

Candida's reply, after going through a few recent compilations, was Peter Andre. Interestingly enough both Nick and Mark immediately said Kula Shaker. Nick "Firstly, because they're toss, and also there's just something about singer Crispian 's name. Not to mention the Indian mysticism." Mark just doesn't think they've got anything going for them whatsoever. Russell came up with The Lightning Seeds (good choice), then went off into a world of his own and I was only able to catch a few mumbled words "insincere...affecting a style, shoddy merchandise-spurious, vacuous pop - who likes it anyway??. Couldn't agree more, Russell.

Claire Calvert from Gloucester, asks an un­likely question - is it Jarvis on the cover of the Something Changed Boy cd, or did he just think it'd be a laugh to get someone who resembles him to pose?

Sorry to disappoint you Claire but it cer­tainly isn't Jarvis! The only things they have in common are their maleness and their thinness, but that's all

David Rowlands (age 12), from Bury, asks Jarvis what were his favourite books as a youngster?

Jarvis is on holiday as the newsletter goes to press but Mark reckoned a fair bet is The Hand Reared Boy, by (we think) JG Ballard. Not appropriate reading matter for a 12 year old, anyway.

Claire Dovey asks a question to the rest of the group: Do they get annoyed when some people seem to regard Jarvis as being the only member of Pulp?

Everyone agrees - of course it's frustrating when you don't get recognised for what you do - but at the same time there are very few people who could live with the pressure and attention that Jarvis has had to cope with over the last 18 months, so for that, it's better to be in the background.

Beautiful Momtaz, from Enfield has got me totally foxed on this one: she reckons, ages and ages ago, she heard an "absolutely brilliantly funky cover of Lipgloss - who was the band, and how can she get hold of it?? any ideas?

We'd never heard of this at Pulp HQ but everyone else seemed familiar with it; Steve's even got the record! Both Mark & Nick remembered it as being "grunge", and were reminded of a cover of Common People by a Sheffield goth band called Libertine, who adapted the lyrics to make them more gothic - the best line being "I took her to the goblin market". Fantastic! Incidentally there has been a worrying incidence of buskers doing Pulp songs around Sheffield - mostly bloody awful! [The cover was by a band called Bowlfish and released on Domino records in 1994 - covers page]

Emma Rooney from Birmingham asks whether Pulp have shopped in Charity Shops (err, lets take a wild guess), and if so do they mind being seen in them now they're famous? She'd also like to know what Jarv's top three Beatles songs are.

All of Pulp are big charity shop fans; Nick, Russell and Candida don't mind being spotted in them at all Mark goes so far to say that he is "proud to be seen in them", and it has even been suggested that Pulp's rise to fame has resulted in big price rises at your local Oxfam, a valid point indeed. Of course Jarvis gets free gear from top designers these days and would probably get mobbed if he set foot in one, so frankly I don't blame him for not doing so.

Finally, and this one goes out to Mark - Did you ever dress up in your mother's clothes? (Honest, Mark, I didn't say a word)

(Laughs) - "Really don't think I did". He was unsure of the origin of a blue knitted cardi with toggles that he used to favour - probably his Dad's (which is just as worrying - toggles??).

Spring 97

Leona of Deeside is first with a topical query. Do Pulp think the Spice Girls are a load of rubbish?

Mark thinks, not only are they a load of rubbish, but "sick rubbish", too! Candida agrees, although she thought they were ok to begin with; Steve really dislikes them, and considers them to "represent everything that is bad about eighties pop" - as if they're in a bit of a timewarp. Nick didn't beat about the bush either: "they're a load of old tosh, yes"; Jarvis gave his answer considerable thought before responding that he didn't mind them until they came out with all that Margaret Thatcher stuff; his main point though was that "everyone goes on about them being great role models for young girls, but that's rubbish, because they still get their tits out and I bet they're managed by a man too " - don't know about that but it wouldn't surprise us...

Paul of Banbury asks Jarvis if he was annoyed when he was told that Nick & Sarah had named their son Jackson - and asks Nick if the name had anything to do with the mysterious man?

Jarvis was a little surprised, it's true, but the young Banks wasn't actually named after The King of Pop - but to put your mind at rest Jarvis assured me that he "didn't invade it's cot or anything". I should hope not!

Ian echoes Ceri's question in issue 18 in asking the group, what is their favourite country they have ever toured, and why?

There was a general consensus that Iceland was the greatest, closely followed by America ("The land of your dreams", according to Mark), and Japan (Nick), because it's just "a crazy place". Jarvis' reason for giving Iceland was because of all the outdoor pursuits Pulp were able to do whilst there - white water rafting and so on; Steve loved the open spaces... Candida didn't bother with the white water rafting, prefering a cup of cocoa back at the hotel (don't blame you Candida!), but she did enjoy a more sedate bus tour...

Mormand, from Denmark asks if Pulp have any enduring memories of "TV2". For the non Danes amongst us, TV2 are, I am reliably informed, a Danish band lead by Steffen Brandt, as if you didn't know that. Pulp?

Pulp assure me that they have absolutely no idea what or who TV2 are, and suggest that Mormand consult "a different Doctor".

Janna, of Boston, asks a scientific question: What do the group think of the theory that the world will end in the year 2000?

This question received very blunt answers indeed from Pulp: Mark says it's "impossible", Candida reckons such a theory is "stupid", and nobody else thought it was even worth considering! Sorry Janna!

Lovely Cecile, from Orleans, would like to know, quels artistes francais aime le groupe?

Good question Cecile, with very predictable (but excellent nevertheless) answers: Mark's only a Serge Gainsbourg fan, nothing else really interests him; Candida likes Vanessa Paradis, whose singing she prefers to Brigitte Bardot 's; Steve likes Serge, Jacques Brel, and Francoise Hardy. Nick prefers BB and The Singing Nun, and called Serge "an overrated big nosed get" (So I killed him). Couldn't get hold of Jarvis for this question but we're certain he'd go along with all of the above, as do we here at Pulp HQ - but what about lovely Michel Polnareff? Sacha Distel??

A sociological question from Jacyntha, who lives in the USA: Do the group think that success has changed them? Do they remember what it was like to be poor and unacknowl­edged? On a different note, Jacyntha would also like to know who out of the group has read "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery?

The truth might be a little hard to accept, but Jarvis admits that he does find it hard to remember what it was like, and that yes, success has certainly changed him. Candida's memories of what it used to be like are all too vivid - every time she revisits Sheffield! As for The Little Prince, nobody has read it, but Candida would like to - Steve responded by saying "Mark is a little ponce", which I'm taking as a no.

Paul from Austria is a bit of a Beatles fan and wants to know which songs, if any, are the group's favourites?

As I'm sure you agree, it's very hard to pick a favourite Beatles song, but they did their best: Mark's faves are Girl, I Me Mine, and The Long and Winding Road, but conceded that "generally, all are good"; Nick likes Blackbird and Getting Better, Candida agrees with Long and Winding Road, but also likes Flying; Steve's top tune is Happiness is a Warm Gun, whilst Jarvis likes I'm so Tired and Hey Bulldog.

I have to admit I've wondered about this next one myself: Adam, Emma, and Juliet from Edinburgh want to know if Pulp get paid when their songs get played on Eastenders (which they do all the time, despite the fact that the "real" radio doesn't!). Well?

Truth is, they do get paid, but no one seems to know how much! I guess money loses it's significance when you have so much of it... I wonder if they get payed when Woolies play their songs - today, it was a very tinny "Sorted" that was wafting through the Star Wars merchandise...

Andy from Carnforth has a question for Jarvis: In the Razzmatazz video, you hold on to something on the ceiling - what is it?

Very good question Andy, and one which Steve actually answered: That video was filmed in the Sunset Strip Club, in Soho, one of the few proper strip joints left (so I'm told); the "rope" in question is a - what's the word I'm looking for? - a "prop", for the dancing girls - as Steve explained, it's for them to "frolic with" on stage. Jarvis assures me they had it washed before they went near it! I bet you're all off to check out the video now aren't you...

Whilst we're on the subject of the Razzmatazz video, Louise, from Bedford, asks just what is Jarvis reading in the video? Also, as a result of a dream Louise had in which Pulp were invited on to Blue Peter to play just two songs from their extensive repertoire - which two songs would they play? In Louise's dream, it was My Legendary Girlfriend and Countdown, which if you ask me, is just about as good as it can get!

Firstly, the book - we're not sure about this, it was four years ago after all; the only book Jarvis remembers from the video shoot is "How To Live In Style", an interior design & all round lifestyle book, but he wasn 't sure if that was the one. As for Louise's Blue Peter query, Steve, Candida, Nick and Mark would all decline, agreeing that it's just not the programme it used to be; however Jarvis, who admitted to having a bit of a crush on several female Blue Peter presenters (including, I might add, Anthea Turner...) still rates it and thought that "Acrylic Afternoons" would be a suitable choice. Now that would be some­thing...

This is a bit late, but it's worth a try. Amber asks if the group had any New Year's Resolutions, and if they did, have they kept to them?

Good question, Amber. Nick's resolution was to take more exercise, which he's sort of keeping to; Candida's was to only have one sugar in her tea, as opposed to two; so far she has been successful in keeping to this, "unless I'm very tired"; Mark bravely resolved to visit the dentist, not having been for four years, and was seriously regretting it when Doctor Pulp questioned him - so well done for sticking to your resolution Mark, and honestly, they look so real, you can't tell the difference. Steve's resolution was to learn to drive - and by the time you read this we will know whether he passed or failed his test.* Jarvis decided that, rather than giving something up, as is usual in these situations, he would endeavour to do something he'd never done before, so last week he tried horseriding. Next on his list is to ride a motorbike - we just hope he remembers that a motorbike is not the same as a horse, in fact, the prospect of Cocker in charge of such a machine is quite frightening.

* He Passed!

Lastly, here's Javier from Argentina lowering the tone again with this issue's porno paragraph: Firstly, do Pulp have a favourite porn star? Is Tom Byron the porn version of Tommy Lee Jones? (interesting thought) And lastly, if Pulp were asked to appear in a porn movie, would they accept, and if they did, who would they like to "act" with?

Let's take this one step at a time: When asked if they have a favourite porn star, Nick admitted that he had enjoyed the recent showing of The Mary Millington Story on C4, but only because "She's a nutter"; Jarvis thought for a while and came up with Sylvia Krystel; Mark announced that he's "never seen one". Responses to this ludicrous statement included "That is a 100% lie!" (Candida) and "What a liar!" (Steve), "Lying get" (Nick). Webber's feeble defence was that the films in question are "Art", not "Porn"; well sorry Mark but that is the biggest lie I have ever heard in my entire life, and you are not getting away with it! Everyone was so amazed at Mark's barefaced cheek that they (cunningly) avoided answering most of the remaining questions themselves... I did manage to pin them down and ask them the last one though. Candida wouldn't want to appear in one at all; Mark would, but "only in a dream"; Steve couldn't decide; Nick said yes but only if a) He was shot from the neck up only, b) Only if his dog Malcolm could appear and c) If body doubles were used. Not taking any chances there then, Nick. Jarvis was sure that, if he did, "it would be the end of our careers" (I'm not so sure myself), but, when pressed, confessed that he would like to "perform" with Sarah Stockridge - for anyone who doesn't know, Sarah is Vivian Westwood's 6 foot tall blonde "muse" and favourite model. Is that alright for you Javier?

Autumn 97

William Vote of Tollesbury, Essex asks if any of the group are interested in water sports. Does Jarvis water ski? Does Candida scuba dive? Does Steve surf?

Although it is a lovely image, sadly Candida does not scuba dive, though she "sometimes swims"; Steve swims once a week (and bathes daily), Mark admits that as he "can barely swim, the answer would have to be 'no'; Nick "used to go fishing quite a lot in my youth - 1980 school champion in fact!". Jarvis likes "boating and golden showers". JARVIS!!

Kelly Skeldon from Salford asks whether any of the group would ever strip off for money? And does fame affect their answer?

Candida is very firm about this: "I'd never strip naked for money. I have a friend who used to strip and it got her into quite a mess. Being famous only affects my answer because it's the only reason I'd be paid to strip"; Steve, however, can't wait - he'd be up for it, famous or not. Nick thinks it's "a hideous thought, but probably yes, but it would have to be a hell of a lot of money"; Jarvis went all coy: "I'd go topless but only in the right light; being famous affects my answer 'cos it would put me off - too many people taking notice". Mark is mysterious: "Certain people will find that they don't have to pay to get me naked..."

I've a feeling we've had this one before, but it's a good story so we'll repeat it. Nicola Bridges, from Blackpool, wants to know if the story in Deep Fried in Kelvin, about the man transporting a large amount of soil into his living room, is true. Jarvis?

"It came from living on a housing estate. I never lived in Kelvin tho'. It's been pulled down now. The soil story is true - it was a boy who cracked up after being glassed in a nite club. He was eventually arrested for stealing and eating a pirana from the botantical garden's aquarium". NO WAY!

Next up is Julie Bosworth from Boston, Lincs. Julie's writing a novel at the moment, the lead character of which would suit Jarvis to a T (I bet it would, Julie). Would Jarvis be keen to take on a romantic lead, baring all for the cameras?

Jarvis: "I can't act for toffee, I would find it very hard to be romantic - it's hard enough in real life. If the leading lady was nice I s'pose it might influence me". Nick backs up this statement by saying, "Have you ever seen Jarvis act??!?". That's a bit harsh - who could forget The Great Cockrini?

More favourite things, this time, Claire Calvert from Gloustershire asks about Pulp's favourite actors and actresses, pre and post 1960.

Very difficult to name favourites, I'm sure, but the answers are as follows: For films made before 1960, Jarvis likes Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake, and Robert Mitchum; Steve's fave is super cool Jean Paul Belmondo; Candida just loves James Stewart, Marlon Brando, and Dirk Bogarde, though these qualify for both catagories so that's a bit of a cheat; Nick's into Orson Welles and Katharine Hepburn, while Mark isn't really into any pre 1960's films (though if Andy Warhol had made anything then, he'd love it). As for after 1960, Jarvis goes for Senta Berger, Richard Burton, and Christopher Walken; Steve likes Malcolm McDowell, Nick likes Dustin Hoffman and Brigitte Bardot (like she's a really good actress, Nick!), and Mark will watch anything with Isabelle Adjani, Harry Dean Stanton (yeah!), Jack Smith, Holly Woodlawn, Sissy Spacek (in Badlands), and Roman Polanski. Hope that answers your questions, Claire!

Katie Johnston, from Northumberland, wants to know, do Pulp have a favourite Beatle?

Nick's top Beatle is Ringo ("of course!"); Mark, after weighing up the pro's and con's, decides on George; Candida loves Paul and John, Steve's fave is John too, while Jarvis likes Pete Best (typical!).

Claire Freeman is keen to find out if Pulp are chocoholics - do they have a favourite chocolate treat?

Candida goes for Star Bars, Jarvis prefers Raspberry Ruffle Bars; Nick's a Hazlenut Galaxy man; Mark likes a bit of Caramel but isn't "eating much chocolate these days due to the toll the ageing process is taking on my figure". Steve's the same, he doesn't eat confectionary full stop.

Thomas Gower, from Coventry, wants to know whether Pulp like Cast and Suede?

Cast first: Candida rates them: "Brilliant musicians, not bad music"; Steve liked the first album, Jarvis likes the slowies, Mark proudly boasts that "in the face of adversity (think he means me) I really like Cast and I'm not afraid of it"; Nick knows: "Again, nice blokes, nice music but could it be a bit more interesting please ? 5/10" (Could it be a bit less crap, please - Music Ed). As for Suede, Nick's "not bothered these days, 4/10"; Mark finds them "consistently enjoyable"; Candida's liked them in the past and still does a bit, but finds them "a bit too pretentious" now; Jarvis liked the first album and the singles, and Steve thought they were "very good in the Butler days".

This next question comes from Michelle Crawford of Bonito Springs, Florida - but that's no excuse for her question! For reasons completely unknown to me, Michelle wants to know what Pulp think of eighties horrors They Might Be Giants....

"Doubt it!", replies Candida. "Piss-poor", says Steve, 'They Might Be The Worst Band In The World", agrees Jarvis. "Is this a joke?" asks Nick. No, it's scarily real. Mark tries not to think about them at all. Well Michelle, you asked!

Hanne Strand writes from Norway, and has a question for Steve: Steve is quoted on the Pulp website as being interested in visiting Oslo. Why's that then, Steve?

"I just got back yesterday from visiting North Cape in the Arctic Circle, Norway. I like the northern climate, it leaves me reflective. As for Oslo - there's just a lot of pretty girls". Thanks Steve, we always knew you were pretty "cool"...

This next comes from Simon Stone in Cardiff: What did Jarvis make of Vivian Stanshall when he met him? And to the whole group: What do you make of Sheffield's greatest export, the versatile singer/songwriter John Shuttleworth?

"[Viv Stanshall] was in a bad state when we met him for D. Y.R. T.F. T?. He had flashes of clarity and was very funny sporadically. He seemed like a really nice man who'd got lost. I used to like "Sir Henry..." but found it a bit studenty when I heard it recently. He's got a very beautiful speaking voice". Ok Simon? As for John Shuttleworth, who we think is quite amusing, the group are divided: Nick gives him 8/10, "faultless" (hold on Nick, shouldn't that be 10/10 then?) and Candida thinks he's great, but "what about Ken and Mary?". John's antics don't really amuse Mark (what does?) although he's glad he "shows an interest in the Derbyshire countryside". Us too, Mark. Steve and Jarvis find him boring, though Jarvis liked the radio show.

Jacyntha, all the way from California, wonders whether the group have any fond childhood memories?

Candida: "Being flooded and trying to sail a makeshift boat in the garden and the army coming to save us and lots of sandbags and tins of disgusting army food". Pretty exciting stuff! Nick's romanticised memory of his childhood was "playing in the woods, rope swing, all that kind of thing" (Actually, that's what I did, was great...). Jarvis: "My Grandad making me a time machine for my birthday". Wow! Pretty cool! Did it work?? Mark, what about your memories of childhood? Mark: "Oh, I'm no good at remembering stuff like that". Oh.

Couple of questions from Karen McKerney here, who lives in Leicester. Firstly, what do Pulp reckon to the Manics? And secondly, who would you like to be stuck in a lift with?

Manics first. Mark used to be a massive fan, once making the treacherous journey down to Leicester to see them in fact - however "they no longer sustain my interest". Candida likes them, Jarvis finds them "good but exhausting", Steve thinks they're "overrated", and Nick gives them "7/10: good for a group with two short fellas and one tall". Indeed. As for the lift question, Nick plumps for a "lift engineer", Candida goes for Leonardo DiCaprio (ugh!), Jarvis goes for Spiderman, and Steve chooses Reeves Gabrels. I don't know who that is either. Mark's not fussy - "a pretty model who falls in love with me in the time it takes for us to be rescued".

Claire Doble, from Knaresborough, also has a couple of questions to ask. First of all, do Pulp have any personal favourite Roxy Music songs (and have they ever bumped into suave old Bry)? Secondly, did any of Pulp get to see Kraftwerk at Tribal Gathering (we did! we did!) and if so, how did they rate them?

Pretty difficult to pick a fave Roxy Music song, most of them being so fantastic and all, but they succeeded. Mark's favourite is "Casanova", from Country Life. "He was in the studio a couple of weeks ago, he always looked quite miserable. And he sat behind me at the premiere of "Twelve Monkeys". Cool. Jarvis' fave is "Pyjamarama" whilst Steve prefers "Dance Away", "Avalon", or "Love is the Drug" (all the smooth ones) and has met him briefly. Candida loves them all, but especially "Love is the Drug". Candida "has bumped into Bryan (like you do), and we said hello, he looks good". Nick has in fact sat next to Mr Ferry on a sofa, and his fave is "Love is The Drug" too. So, if you've never heard "Love is the Drug", check it out kids! As for Kraftwerk at Tribal Gathering, I could easily fill the rest of the newsletter with frantic descriptions on how amazing they were, but instead I'll pass the mic to Mr Webber: "I did. It was good they made no compromise, but I was quite disappointed that it was basically the same show and music as when they toured with 'The Mix'". Oh well, what a surprise, Mark's the only person out of 33,000 not to enjoy the greatest concert of the decade so far. Oh, except Steve and Jarvis: "Never meet your heroes I guess". God!!!

Dominique from Belfast is one of many of you who asked about Pulp's cover of Thin Lizzy's Whysky in a Jar. As well as that, Dominique asks Jarvis about the three part structure of Inside Susan - was it in any way influenced by Gainsbourg's "Melody Nelson"? And finally, who can remember where the video for Something Changed was filmed?

Pulp don't do many covers as you know, and Whysky in a Jar was broadcast on France Inter for a Black Session back in 1996. Nick thinks it's "a crackin' song. Tribute to Lynott", which is as good a reason as any. Jarvis agrees - "as a tribute to Phil"; Candida said, "why not?", Steve said "it's Bernard Lenoir's fault". Luckily Mark gave us the real answer: "The French always make us do covers, which means just having to learn something in a hurry. We don't have any other people's songs in our repertoire so it's always last minute thing and people shouldn't read too much in to the cover versions we've performed". Hope that answers your question, Dominique. As for the Inside Susan/Melody Nelson thing, Steve responds "I don't think so but I like songs with unconventional structures"; Jarvis: "No, 'cos I only heard it after". Ok, and lastly the Something Changed video - anyone remember? Candida: "at the same TV Centre as TOTP, Eastenders and Grange Hill are recorded" Yes, but where?? Mark: "Yes, I do think it was Elstree studios". Nick: "Borehamwood Studios, where TOTP is made". Steve? "Borehamwood, Lon­don". This is the correct answer (or is it?).

Rebecca Bridger, from Crowborough, wants to ask Pulp, what is their worst fear? And to Mark, when did you actually join Pulp? To Candida, did you have piano lessons as a child?

Nick's nightmare would be "having to hear nails scraping down a blackboard a lot". Hmm, yes, can be nasty, that. Mark's only worry is "not getting another girlfriend"; Oh Mark! Don't be so SILLY. Jarvis' worst fear is "losing my mind", Steve's is "a life of boredom, alone"; Candida: "Is it stupid to say a one year tour?".
Errrr......Mark, so when did you join Pulp? "I first played with them at The Powerhaus in London on 27/12/91 (Stylophone on O.U.) but it was 28th July 1995 when they first asked me to join the group (that makes it 2 years ago yesterday!). What a rock and roll lifestyle Mark's lead, eh kids? Candida's has been similarly exciting - "yes, I did [have piano lessons] can you not tell?".

Can't believe how many questions there are this time! We'll have to start writing a seperate multi volume encyclopedia solely for Dr Pulp soon. Next? Daniel Hope, from Co Durham, has an excellent question for the Doctor, interestingly enough Daniel is the first person to pick up on this phenomenon. Daniel asks:"On Different Class, on the back when it lists the songs, why are they listed in the shape of a Christmas tree?". And that's not all. Daniel's second question is, "Do all the band believe in God? Because I do".

Very well spotted, Daniel, and do you know, I'm not sure if Pulp were even aware of it before you pointed it out. Nick: "Hmmm. Probably a conspiracy"; Mark: "Just a coincidence of the length of the song titles and the order they appear in. I'd never noticed... "Mark!! You'll be telling me you don't believe in God next! Candida: "I have to say I'd never noticed that"; Steve: "We always write song titles like that"; and Jarvis: "because it's a present". Oh, ha, ha.

What about God then? Nick: "Sorry but I can't say I do"; Mark: "Not in any religious sense, but kind of in a personal way"; similarly, Candida: "I do believe in God, but in my own way, because I wouldn't go to church or say I was religious"; Steve: "I am agnostic, until proven otherwise"; and Jarvis: "Sometimes, but I'm against organised religion". Well there goes another fan!

What's next? Oh yes, Louise Mathie has a question for Nick: In F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.I.V.E. you are having a haircut. Where was this? And, to everyone, what's the worst or most embarrassing haircut you've ever suffered?

You have to remember Louise, Pulp lived through the 80's, when dodgy haircuts were obligatory, so there's bound to be a few bad hair days going on...Nick? 'That particular haircut took place in Brixton Academy dressing room (by Justin at Base Cuts, Ladbroke Grove, reasonable rates, no appointment necessary) and with hindsight the worst one was the Birds Nest, circa 1981. Was trendy at the time honest". Yeah right Nick. Mark's "not done too badly in this area, although I'm never very happy with my hair. I'm sure everyone has seen videos of me on The Word & The Beat - that's the most extreme hairstyle I ever had" (For those of you who missed it, think of Farrah Fawcett Majors); Candida doesn't risk it: "I've only had my hair cut professionally 6 or 7 times, I always used to cut it myself'; Steve says, "too many to mention", and Jarvis, who let's face it, has ace hair, said that "an ex girlfriend gave me bald patches" - was that on purpose? Nasty.

Graham Dutton, from Middlesex, is a big fan of Bjork, Gene, Radiohead and Faithless (oh dear), and wonders, do Pulp share his preferences?

Bjork is popular with all but Mark: "usually interesting but ultimately unsatisfying" and scores 6.75/10 on the Nickometer. Radiohead are even more popular (God knows why): "smart", "I'm a fan", "I like them", "extremely nice chaps - like the lp 6/10", and "I first found myself liking them despite myself and now concede that they are pretty great". God!!! As for Gene and Faithless, the general concensus ranged from: "not interested at all in their music", "don't like"; "poor" "shocking", to "haven't the faintest idea who/what they are, 0/10". Well, I'd go along with that.

Mark Sturdy is keen to dig up a bit of Pulp history, as many of you are. We picked Jarvis' brains to see how far back he could remember...firstly Jarvis, who actually designed the sleeve to It?

Turns out it was Tony Perrin, who you will remember used to manage top black-clad pop combo The Mission, now managing (if that's the right word) Embrace, who I believe are an up and coming Oasis rip off band, something like that? What a scary thought.

Mark's next question goes right back to the very beginning of time - is there any audio or visual record of the first concert Jarvis performed at school?

Fortunately for Jarvis, "there was, but someone taped over it" - bet that person is kicking themselves now, eh?

Moving on a few years now, what about the audition you did for The Tube, Jarvis? What happened then?

This was the early 1980's, when quite a lot of the people reading this weren't born, and old crones like myself were doing their O Levels... Jarvis' mum "took [him] to Newcastle, there were lots of Bonnie Langford types" - or Paula Yates types, presumably. Think you were lucky not to get picked, you might have ended up working with her!

Finally, Mark would like to know if there were any Super 8 films made apart from "Star Trek" and 'The Spartans", back in the early days of Pulp?

"I think we did a video for Shakespeare Rock, replies Jarvis, but this is all we managed to get out of him; what happened to the video, no one knows, which is probably a very good thing.

Continuing with the musical theme, Mel Orme from Cheshire asks Pulp what they think of the return of Echo & The Bunnymen, and the new single?

Mark likes most of their records: 'The new single is pretty great, but I've not heard their lp"; Candida likes the old stuff, especially "Killing Moon" and "Seven Seas", but isn't keen on the new songs. Steve and Jarvis like the single but Nick reckons that comebacks just don't work, giving the old songs 8/10, the new stuff 3/10.

Question for Jarvis now, and one that he has been asked many times, but never in these pages. About those lederhosen you were forced to wear to school as a child, Jarvis; Iris Siegeris, from Germany, wants to know - WHY?

Jarvis replies: 'They were a present from my Uncle's German in-laws. My mum thought I looked 'cute'in them". And you did Jarvis, you did.

A question for Steve here, from Claire Coupe, who lives in sunny Grimsby. Why, Steve, were you inspired to play the bass? Which bass players do you idolise? Why do you use the Musicman Sabre bass?

Obviously a keen bass player, Claire..let's hope Steve is as enthusiastic. Over to you, Steve: "(i) A friend had a band without a bass player and I wanted to be in a band, nothing more, (ii) Paul McCartney and James Jamerson are the most melodic to me; and (iii) because it's nice and bass-y." Hope that answers your questions Claire, that's all from Doctor Pulp for now, this is me signing off.

Winter 97

Ok. "What do Pulp think of the Spice Girls being the best girl band when they aren't even a band?" (Thomas Gower, Wyken, Coventry)

Mark replies, and rightly so, that the Spice Girls are not "the best anything", whereas Candida is more polite: "colourful yet manufactured...they were here [the studio where this interview took place] for a while, I would have said hello..." Nick is more forthright: "Well, they'll be gone soon so it's not worth getting into a lather about it. Avoid the film!"

What are the group's favourite TV programmes? (Nicola Hudson, Stockport, and Gen Abranson, New Barnet)

Mark (Mr Cable), doesn't really have a favourite programme right now, he prefers to watch dodgy videos. Nick's top TV shows are Alan Partridge, Top Gear, The Fast Show, and Crimestoppers. Candida's all time favourite programme is Coronation Street.

What do Pulp think of Andy Coulson, and who is your least favourite Spice Girl? (Jessica Ross, Glasgow)

"Try not to think about either", says Mr Webber, very sensibly. Candida has no idea who Andy Coulson is, neither did I till Mark explained - he sounds like an absolute arse. Nick is the only person who seemed to know who Andy Coulson is: "like most tabloid journalists he is likely to be an insignificant, insecure, useless insect (insult to insects)". As for the Spice Girls, we all agreed that Geri is the most repulsive, but it was a tricky choice. "Slapper", according to Nick, who also nominated Posh because she can only to the "shoulders" dance. I'll have to check that out!

A What do Pulp think about France and the French people? (Martin Giraudeau, La Roche sur Yon, France) Is it the wine, food, people, or places? (Julien Dhennin, lilies, France)

"France is top", says Nick - "a delicate blend of wine, food, places and people"; Candida had just come back from a week in France, so is a good person to ask: "I like the whole culture and atmosphere, and the buildings". Mark: "I ended up liking France a lot more after growing up thinking for some reason that I wouldn't" Eh??

Mr Another question from Martin, and one which has been asked by several other people too: Did you see the Full Monty? Does the film reflect life in Sheffield? Did you spot any familiar places?

Mark hasn't seen it; Candida has, and actually spotted the street where she used to live, off Meersbrook Park. She agrees that it does reflect some aspects of life in Sheffield. Nick reckons it's great - and does indeed reflect certain aspects of Sheffield, "although the editing made some places seem a lot closer than they actually are! In the second dole office scene, the guy at the office window with long hair is my mate Jed". Cool!

A question for Mark now: Mark, you know Disco 2000? Well was that in any way named after Disco 3000 by Sun Ra? Or even Disco 2100?? It doesn't have that same ring to it, does it. Me and my pal Pete would like to know.

"I knew about Disco 3000 of course, but it didn't make the connection with our song 'til a while afterwards. I guess Jarvis put Disco and 2000 together, so we should ask him. I think it may be coincidence". Thanks, Mark. Sadly Jarvis was not available for comment.

I'd like to know if there is a relationship between the following lyrics: "Et dans la brume au bout du quai, je vois un bateau qui vient m'chercher...mais I'bateau se taille" from Serge Gainsbourg's "Le Poinconneur des Lilas", and, "Killing time until his ship arrives...and the time is wasted and the ship has sunk", from Jarvis' own Aborigine. Crikey, you lot really have a keen eye for detail ! (Cecile Lecomte, Orleans, France)

Mark: "What?"

How do Pulp rate David Bowie? If so, what are Pulp's favourite songs (I don't think we 've got enough space for this...); also, do you like Magazine? (Alice Rix, Leeds)

Do Pulp rate David Bowie??? Do donkeys like carrots??? At this point everything had to stop whilst Candida tried to remember one of her favourite songs, it took a long time coming but luckily Mark managed to identify the lyrics she was humming - it was Sorrow; Under Pressure is also a favourite one. Candida's top Bowie lp's are Love You 'til Tuesday and The Ultimate Collection, which Mark was quick to point out, are not "proper" lp's...Mark rates Bowie "very highly", as do we all really, but two of his favourite songs are Wild Is The Wind and Breaking Glass. Mark admits that he is "just learning about Magazine" (bit late!) whilst Candida thinks "Song From Under The Floorboards" is ace, which it is. Nick comes up with the best answer: "Bowie has written some of the greatest ever tunes, up to 1980 - Heroes, DJ, Ashes to ashes,changes etc...HOWEVER, I believe him to be a right prat. Never met him, but saw an interview with him in the 80's. He wore fingerless gloves. Duh! Style casualty.

Thanks to Nick for that excellent summing up of the greatest pop star of the seventies."

Were (are!) Pulp into Glam Rock, and if so, which groups and songs do they have fond memories of? (Daniel Deacon, Barwell, Leics)

Nick: "Believe it or not I'm too young to have taken much notice, but Suzi Quatro seemed to get my attention". Candida and Mark are too young to remember it that well too, although Candida has vivid memories of kids in school with Slade haircuts (scary), and Mark remembers Gilbert O'Sullivan and The Wombles. I think someone should explain the concept of Glam Rock to Mark once again, don't you?

What are the group's favourite a)books? (Carol, Palo Alto, California) and, b) authors? (Leandro Venier, Buenos Aires)

Mark hasn't got a favourite author but reckons "City of Night" by John Rechy is pretty good; Candida's top author is Kazuo Ishiguro, and one of her favourite books is the Name Of The Rose, by Umberto Eco...heavy going, Candida! Nick's into history books, rather than specific authors. Can I just say that I just read Tom Wolfe's The Right Stuff, and that it's one of my top two books ever. Thanks.

What do Pulp think of The Verve's amazing comeback? (Rachel Marfleet, Doncaster)

"Amazing", says Candida, whereas Mark thought it was "really good until I heard the album, then I was disappointed"; I have to agree with Mark there. Nick regards it "like a fighter who's been out for the count of nine but jumps up and twats his opponent and wins the bout". Spot on Nick! Everyone reckons they are "very good live", though.

Can Pulp remember their first girl/boyfriends? Have they seen them since they split up ? (Candida!!) (Charlotte Quarmby, Melton Mowbray)

Mark: "Yes, and no". Candida doesn't think she would recognize him. Nick: "I can and no".

What do Pulp think about drugs and cigarettes?? And would you like to play another concert in Iceland? (Hulda, Gardabar, Iceland)

Drugs and cigarettes, eh? Mark thinks both are "terrible", and I guess Candida does too, as she does neither. Honest! Nick says,rightly, "They're the same thing". As for Iceland, Pulp are more enthusiastic. I think all of Pulp would like to return, though not necessarily to perform. Pop stars are probably the only people who can afford to go anyway! Nick finds Iceland "wonderful, anytime".

Jarvis, how exactly are you related to Richard Branson? (Gwen George, Crawley)

He's not, it was a joke!

Does anyone in Pulp have any allergies, and if so, what to? And Candida, how does it make you feel knowing that you have a big following of fans clad only in plastic jewellery and rings?? A frightening thought I'm sure you agree. (Sofie Wahlstrom, Sweden)

Very topical question, this one, as Candida is undergoing treatment right now, to detect any allergies she might have, and it looks like it may well be wheat - bad one! In reply to the second part of the question, she said, "it makes me feel good". Nick is allergic - "just to work".

Whilst we have Candida's attention - do (did) you ever get picked on for having the same name as the yeast that causes thrush? Why did your mum give you this name? (Emma Batchelor, Kent)

Nope, Candida never got picked on, because it wasn't known about when she was at school in the same way as it is now.

What do Pulp think of Hanson? (!) And, are any of you left handed? (Anabel Inge, London)

No beating about the bush here from Candida: "Abysmal American shite who look like girls" (!!Who would have thought something so ugly could come out of someone so beautiful??). Mark just finds them "disturbing". Nick, who was on a roll by this point, comes out with "Hanson!!!?? Are you kidding!! The little one should be quietly taken to one side and removed. I bet the other two really hate him like only brothers can, and only let him be in the group 'cos their mum sez so". Thanks for that, Nick.

I'd like to know what Pulp thought about Tony Blair's landslide victory (shows how long it's been since the last newsletter, we're onto the Labour backlash already) (Karine Favre, Cours la VUle, France)

"It was along time coming," says Nick, "now I'd like to see Tony doing something a bit more radical". Both Mark and Candida were pleased about this, though Mark doesn't think "it's important". Mark, it might not be important to you, but Government policies do actually affect us ordinary human beings, just think yourself lucky you're not a single parent.

How old were you all when you first got drunk? Can you remember what you got drunk on? (Sonia Boundy, Bodmin, Cornwall)

"Too long ago to remember", says Candida, but she did admit to once being caught for underage drinking when she was 16...police came round the house and everything! Scary. Mark can't remember either, like me, he "never used to get drunk or go to parties". It's true! We're making up for it now though. Nick: "probably at my Mum and Dad's parties, drinking other peoples lager etc, about 11-ish. Used to sneak Kronenbourg lager to school and drink it in the woods. Reet 'ard."

Do Pulp like The Prodigy? If so, what's their favourite tunes? (Kieran Howse, Todmorden, Lanes)

"Abysmal", says Mark, obviously not a big fan...Candida thinks they're alright. Sorry Kieran! Nick thinks they're good though, citing Outer Space as a favourite tune.

Are Pulp excited at the prospect of members of Take That reforming? (Jenny Caunce, Littleborough, Lancs)

I didn't know this was on the cards, but Mark explained that it's not exactly the original TT that would be getting back together - since Robbie and Mark weren't interested, it was only going to be Howard and - what's the other one called? Mark thought it was Donald!!! But we soon put him straight, anyway, what it comes down to is that no-one is very bothered about it at all, Jenny. "Is it a joke?", said Mark. "Leave it out lads", says Nick.

Jarvis - do you have an ideal woman, and which famous women do you fancy...? And to the whole group: what do you do when you're not working? (Gen Abranson, New Barnet)

I'll get Jarvis to answer the first one next time, but as for the second question, Candida can't remember a time when she wasn't working, and Mark said "sit at home miserable". Mark!! I'm going to stop printing your answers unless you cheer up! Nick "walks the dog, entertains Jackson, maintains his fleet of cars, potters about the house...pretty rock 'n' roll, really".

How do Pulp cope with the whole seeing youself on TV thing? Do you switch off? Finally, do you ever (!) listen to your own music for pleasure? (Adam Blacklock, Newcastle upon Tyne)

Jarvis wasn't around to answer the first part of the question, so we asked Mark and Candida instead: Mark usually watches, but only to "look for imperfections (in Candida's performance)". Candida will watch herself, but through her fingers, and will also be on the look out for imperfections "(in Mark's brain)"...err, thanks, Candida, for that. As for listening to Pulp for pleasure, Mark used to but doesn't any more, and Candida does occasionally, usually to the live version of Common People on the b side of Misshapes.

What do the group think about the "fantastic groups of the 80's" (not my words, I assure you), "such as Genesis (!), The Police (!!), Simple Minds (!?!?*?~!!*), Duran Duran, etc.". (Steve Sloane, Ramsgate)

Steve, what are you listening to?! Sort yourself out mate. I mean it's ok to like Duran Duran, they were always top entertainment, but GENESIS???? There's just no excuse. Nick knows: "Now then Steve. This is 1997, not 1987. These groups were shit in '87 so that about says it all." Mark prefers Japan and Visage, Candida quite liked some Simple Minds...I'm not asking anyone else.

Do the group have a favourite TV advert that they have fond memories of? (I bet Jarvis has) (Gemma Audritt, Harlow, Essex)

Adverts seem to have gone downhill in the last few years, but Candida remembered one for Foster Grant sunglasses and Lee Cooper jeans that she used to like; Mark listens to the radio more than tv, and did the most incredible impression of an advert from LBC Radio, I forget what it was for now, but it culminated in Mark saying, in a ridiculous voice, "It had my father's eyes and Bobo's filthy brown ears". You had to be there really. Nick rates the Tunes one with Darth Vadar: "Cracks me up - watch out for the camp bit at the end!"

Pulp, do you (or did you ever), stop to pick up hitchhikers? And do you like walking in the summer rain and getting really wet? (No guesses as to who's just taken a year out to travel) (Vanessa Siegl, Innsbruck, Austria)

Candida doesn't drive, but if she did, she would indeed stop to pick up hitchhikers, "so long as they were girls". Mark won't, he's "too scared". God! Pop Stars of today, eh? I bet Iggy Pop would pick up hitchhikers. I bet Brian Wil....err, no, maybe not. Nick: "Not really; when I used to hitch hike, the people who gave you lifts often seemed a bit odd, and I wouldn't want to be thought of in that "odd" way. Know what I mean?"

Ok, almost done. Doctor P. is just so popular! What did you used to think of Tubeway Army? What are your favourite Kraftwerk and Gary Numan songs? And finally, what's the wierdest thing that's ever happened on tour? (John, Tyne & Wear)

Well Matthew, nothing weird ever happens on tour any more, not since Mark stopped being tour manager back in...whenever it was. It's too well organised these days for anything to go wrong, it's like a military operation. As for favourite tunes, Candida likes Gary's "Cars" but doesnt have a favourite Kraftwerk tune. Mark's is "Antenna". Our favourite Kraftwerk songs at the moment are "Kometenmelodie 11" and "Ruckzack".

June 98

First up is Kerrie Brewster, from Boston, Lincs, who asks the group, what do they think of the comedy "Friends"? [I'm assuming Kerrie is using the word 'comedy' in the loosest possible sense].

Pulp were fairly unanimous on this one. Nick reckons that 99.9% of all American comedy programmes are rubbish, and really shouldn't be on television at all. In fact it would be safe to say that he got uncharacteristically irate about this, finally just deciding that "they should all be shot". Mark was less elaborate about his feelings: "I hate it. I wish it didn't exist". Hurrah! Candida thinks it's not too bad - but then confessed to only having seen three episodes. Does that answer your question, Kerrie?

Claire Doble, from Knaresborough, wants to know, where have all the keyboards gone? Does Candida get bored just doing piano voices these days, does she miss her moog?

Candida: "Yes".

I'm sure we had this question last time, but so many people have asked it, I'll put it in again: Claire Selby from London asks, what do Pulp think of the Sheffield "revival", i.e. the Full Monty, etc. ?

Nick really liked the film, thinks it's great - "it's nice to see Sheffield in the public eye a bit more". However he was a bit miffed about the lack of recognition that Pulp got for Deep Fried In Kelvin, which appears in the film but not on the soundtrack. Mark laughed at the words "Sheffield" and "revival", can't say I blame him - he found it very difficult to exhibit any interest whatsoever.

Mark Sturdy provoked a bit more of a response with his enquiry about an ex-member of Pulp: Mark thinks, around Spring 1983, someone called Neil joined - other than he was a friend of Tim Allcard's (they'd been in In A Bell Jar together), nobody seems to know anything about him. So - can anyone shed any light on this mystery? Mark is also keen to find out when exactly Tim Allcard joined, and did he actually play, or did he just read his poems?

Clearly this is going back a long way, and without Jarvis to answer, nobody can be certain, but the general consensus was that there never was anyone called Neil - could you perhaps be mistaking him for either Mark "Tilly" Tillbrook or Michael Paramore? There were only, as far as anyone remembers, three people in In A Bell Jar - Tim, Michael Paramore, and his sister, whose name I've forgotten (Julie?) - never anyone called Neil. Does this help? I realise it's a bit flimsy, but 1983 is a long time ago! As for the Tim Allcard question, Nick remembers seeing Pulp play the Library Theatre in Sheffield, some time before Freaks was recorded, with Tim playing - but he couldn't be more specific about the date. I think you're asking a lot here, Tim, I can't remember what groups I saw last year, never mind 15 years ago!

This is a good question, I've often wondered myself. John asks, whatever happened to the fantastic blue and red neon 'Pulp' sign, which used to accompany them on stage back in 1994, and which also features in the Common People video?

Mark says it's "in storage somewhere" - if you think about it, there must be loads and loads of stuff stashed away somewhere - a treasure trove of Pulp memorabilia. Wow!

Sylvia Caminiti, from Italy, asks whether the song Sylvia is based on a real person?

Jarvis wasn't around to answer your question, Sylvia, but I think we can believe Mark and Nick when they say that she is a "composite fantasy figure" - i.e., made up out of lots of different women, both real and imagined.

Michael Siou, writing from San Francisco, wants to know, what's the story behind the song, The Boss? And also, what do Pulp think of St Etienne, having toured with them and everything - are they fans? Were they ever?

Lots of people ask about songs that were played live for a while and then just dropped...The Boss can be heard on bootleg tapes from the post Separations period, and, according to Nick, was never treated seriously - it was always a bit of a joke and was dumped pretty quickly. That's it! As for the St Etienne question, everyone liked them at the time (oh, except me), but since that fateful tour back in 1993 (the one where Pulp blew them off stage every night you mean?), St Etienne have lost their halo. Candida was really into them, and used to watch them every night, but has since gone off them. Nick feels that they need a new direction, but despite that, was going to see them at The Leadmill that weekend! Mark managed to agree that "they are really nice people", but couldn't bring himself to comment on the music!

A question from Julien Dhennin now, who lives in Illies, France. He'd like to know if any of the group have ever been into "industrial" bands like Depeche Mode, Front 242, New Order...?

Julien seems to be asking two questions here: Do Pulp like industrial bands? And, do they like the three groups listed? Because I think we all agree that Depeche Mode don't really qualify as "industrial". SPK anyone? Test Department? Nick admits to "liking a lot of dodgy music" in the 1980's, but feels that Depeche Mode don't really cut it in the same way as, say, Einsturzende Neubauten. This is not a recommendation to go out and buy any of these records, Julien! Nick agrees that Test Department were "the kings of industrial music", and that everyone else was "just playing at it". Steve thinks that Trent Reznor's written some pretty interesting songs, but you wouldn't really want to listen to them without some kind of accompaniment - he reckons they'd make good film scores. Candida used to like some Depeche Mode songs - New Life, See You, and Just Can't Get Enough, and of course you couldn't really get away from New Order's Blue Monday for most of the 1980's - it just wasn 't possible....but you can have too much of a good thing!

Thomas Gower, from Coventry, has a similar 80's fixation: What do Pulp think of The Cure?

Candida "used to like them, especially the "Boys Don't Cry" lp. Steve thought there was one song he liked, and decided it was "Lullaby" (is that right?); Mark, now here's a surprise - Mark finds them "pointless". Nick, on the other hand, went off on a bit of a nostalgia trip at this point, and it's also worth pointing out that Richard (Hawley) was going through the entire Cure back catalogue, the good stuff anyway, going "Seventeen Seconds - great album! Pornography - fantastic! Faith - Amazing record!!!" and so on. Made me feel very old. Going back to Nick, though, he saw them loads of times around 1983/84 (Thomas probably wasn't even born in 1983), up to when they released "The Walk". He even confessed to having a bit of a Robert Smith hairdo around that time, which Richard confirmed. Scary.

Daniel Deacon, of Leicester, asks whether the group have ever sampled the televisual delights of "Treasure Hunt", and if so, which "Skyrunner" do they prefer, Anneka Rice or Annabel Croft?

Mark: "Croft!"; Nick: "Anneka"; Candida: "Anneka Rice, definitely".

Now this might sound a bit odd, but I don't actually know who this next question is from, but I'm incuding it because it got some good answers. Someone from France sent it in I think, maybe next time they could sign their letter! Anyway, whoever it is asks whether any of Pulp have ever been to "The Queen", a club in Paris, and also, is anyone into French house music? (Yes, us!!)

Nick's eyes lit up at the mention of "The Queen", he and Jarvis went to a night called "Respect" there once. The best thing about it was this group of dancers in a circle, Run DMC style, having a breakdance competition, which sounded pretty great. And yes, in anticipation of everyone's next question, Jarvis was tempted to have a go himself - but was dissuaded. A wise move I think! As for French House music, Steve's favourite label at the moment is Roule, (run by Thomas Bangalter) - completely fantastic. In fact we at Pulp People think the support for Finsbury Park should consist entirely of French House DJ's and The Electric Sound Of Joy.

Nick Khaira, from Southampton, asks Pulp if, when hassled by their adoring fans, do they mind? Have they ever been pissed off enough to run / ignore / hit anyone yet?

Mark, Nick, and Candida all agreed that they have a much lower hassle factor than "certain other higher profile members of the group", and that they don't get what could be seen as 'pestered'. Mark tries to be polite, as does Nick, who did say that sometimes you get people who take it just a little bit too far. You have to respect people's space, whether they are pop stars or not, but on the whole, it's not a problem at all.

Autumn 98

Hulda from Iceland asks whether Pulp like drum 'n' bass?

Jarvis says, yes, so long as it doesn't have any double bass in it. The more electronic, the better. Mark absolutely loves it (not really!) - no, he doesn't actually, unless it's "served with guitar". Candida's reply was "No way!".

Julien Dhennin from Illies in France, and Louise Stanley from Milton Keynes, ask if band members were into the World Cup: If so, who were there fave teams? If not, why dont they like football?

Mark's favourite teams are Brazil and Holland, and he did find himself hooked in the later rounds. Jarvis isn't mad on football, but was quite into the World Cup. He confessed that he really wanted England to win, and when they got knocked out, his allegience veered towards Croatia, more because of the hard time they've had recently than their footballing skills (I'm not sure Croatians would refer to the recent troubles as "a hard time", but I see what you're getting at - Ed.). Candida didn't watch it much, but supported England.

Thomas Gower, from Coventry, asks, what are Pulp most likely to complain about in a hotel?

Jarvis points out that obviously it's different things for different people, but for him it's when you put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, and people still insist on knocking on your door and interrupting! A particularly annoying excuse is "Can I turn your bed down?", to which he replies "It's not making any noise". Ho ho. He doesnt complain often though, because he's such a nice guy. Candida says the most common problem is the door key not fitting, but that's not exactly a complaint as such, is it. Mark thought about this one for ages before bemoaning the fact that Pulp Tour Manager Richard Priest "always gets a larger room than the group, an executive suite with fax and living accomodation, whilst the group end up with a bed in a cupboard"...doesnt sound very fair, eh readers?

Daniel Moss (aged 6½), from Hendon, asks Pulp what their favourite song & video is?

Mark's favourite Pulp video is Razzmatazz, and favourite song, well that's always been My Legendary Girlfriend. Jarvis' favourite video is This Is Hardcore, but says that the one for Party Hard (unseen at time of writing) is a bit of a classic too. Candidia agrees with Party Hard, but also likes Common People. She had trouble thinking of a favourite song, but she's listening to Mile End a lot at the moment.

Kathleen Galloway, from Aurora, Canada, asks Pulp which do they prefer: playing a small venue like Massy Hall in Toronto (that's not small!! The Groovy Fishtank is small, isn't it Mark? Ed.), or something on a much larger scale, such as Glastonbury?

Clearly there is a big difference between the two. Jarvis points out that when it's a festival, it's not really 'your' concert, so you treat it differently; with a smaller venue you can make it much more your own - the two are not really in competition, just different. Jarvis likes to mix and match the two! Mark found the concept of Massy Hall as a 'small' venue pretty hilarious, but once he'd got over that, he said he was very interested in playing 'proper' small venues at the moment, but that no-one else was...he reckons that once you start playing venues the size of Massy Hall, there's not much difference whether it's 4000 or 40,000.

Sal Joyner, from Memphis, asks Pulp how they rate The Pet Shop Boys?

Mark's not a fan of their music, but found their book, "Pet Shop Boys Literally" very enjoyable. Candida couldn't think of the song of theirs that she really liked - the lyric "left to my own devices" is definitely in it though! Jarvis confessed to liking them at the time, his favourite song being "Suburbia", but he doesn't listen to them a lot these days.

Charlotte Quarmby, from Melton Mowbray, wants to know what Pulp think of All Saints?

It turns out that when Pulp were doing demos for the last album, All Saints were working at the same studios. They seemed affable enough, said Jarvis, but he was put off any further contact because they were very matey with Samantha (J)anus - obviously very off putting. Candida liked "Never Ever", and admits to being intruiged by their dancing - which they seem to manage without actually moving much. I'm not saying what Mark said in reply to this question.

Alessandra Ocarni, who lives in Italy, wants to know if Pulp listen to Italian music?

Mark said that Pulp would really like to play a proper concert in Italy, but for some reason their agent refuses to send them there! As for Italian music, he isn't a fan. Candida would really like to play Italy too, but she isn't really a big fan of Italian music, preferring classical & opera to pop. Jarvis had to think a bit before remembering that Ennio Morhcone is of course Italian, and we all love him; apart from that the only singer he could think of was Zucchero, who is plainly absolutely appalling!

Donna Nicoll writes from Nottingham, and asks Pulp if they have heard The Lance Gambit Trio's easy listening cover of Disco 2000, and what do they think of it?

Jarvis liked it, thought it was quite good; Mark found it "quite amusing".

Daniel Hope, from County Durham, is one of several younger fans who wondered why there were 'bleeps' over the swear words in F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.I.V.E.?

If they hadn't, it would almost certainly have had to have a certificate 15, "which would have prevented Pulp's younger audience from witnessing the live Pulp experience" (Jarvis); "which would have meant far fewer sales" (Alex).

Adam Blacklock, from Newcastle, asks about the Stars In Their Eyes Jarvis impersonator, Gareth Dickenson. Did Jarvis like being imitated?

Jarvis found the whole experience rather unnerving, as is to be expected; but "I got over it", he says.

Kathy Keenan writes from Australia, and has been waiting for ages to ask Jarvis this: What is his favourite flower? The reason for this is that Kathy wishes to add it to her existing tattoo of "Jarv" on her forearm...

I've got to tell you Kathy, Jarvis was not keen on (Keenan, geddit?!!) the idea of your tattoo, and said that he didn't like to encourage that sort of thing, but, when pushed, said, maybe a daffodil. Do you get daffs in Australia I wonder?

Simon Stone asks the group, who is their favourite Monkee?

You're asking the right people here Simon, as you probably know Jarvis is a big fan - and both he, Candida and Mark all rate Mike Nesmith the most highly, as do we here at Pulp Towers. Probably because he was the only one with any talent.

Benny Woitowitz, from Denmark, asks Jarvis and Candida if, back in the late seventies, when they lived in Sheffield, if they ever went to see groups like The Human League, Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA, or Vice versa / ABC?

Jarvis did actually see Cabaret Voltaire and Clock DVA, but said that he was more interested in the groups that never made it big, especially Artery and I'm So Hollow (readers may remember that Jarvis played out their John Peel Show stint with tracks from these two groups) - he thinks they were really good. Candida saw The Human League at Top Rank, who were very good, and also Cabaret Voltaire, supporting the Fall, but she didn't like them. Fascinating fact: Candida once went out with a brother of a member of Vice versa, before they became ABC.

Leona Turford, from Deeside, asks a good one (incidentally, Leona, when I mentioned your name to Jarvis he remembered your competition entry, in which you said that your Dad's car was in a worse state than his - which he found highly amusing. Just thought you'd like to know, anyway, back to your question): During Pulp's soundcheck on Friday night at Finsbury Park, Leona saw Jarvis cleaning a light on stage using a toothbrush! Does he normally do this? And did he use it to clean his teeth with afterwards?

This is particularly interesting. Jarvis said that Richard Priest (Pulp's ace Tour Manager) has a habit of leaving odd/interesting things on the stage to relieve the tedium of soundchecks, and this was one such thing. Jarvis spotted the toothbrush, which has a story all of it's own: during the concert in Stockholm back in July, Jarvis was handed a special Swedish toothbrush by a fan, Pulp Person.........It just so happens that there is a brand of toothbrush in Sweden named Pulp! Cool. Anyway.....gave Jarvis one, and it obviously got picked up by Richard after the show, and eventually found it's way on to centre stage at Finsbury Park! Kind of fitting I think. Hope that answers your question Leona - oh, and no, Jarvis didn't clean his teeth with it afterwards!

Sticking with Finsbury Park, Charlotte Quarmby (you again!) asks Pulp who their favourite support was on the day?

Jarvis' faves were Add N To X, mainly because of their fantastic outfits! He was particularly taken by Ann's extra-thick leather skirt, so thick that it stuck out in a triangle, and their furry moon boots - I'm jealous! He also enjoyed Kid Loco. Mark "didn't like any of them". You've got to laugh, haven't you. Candida said Mark wasn't even there for most of the day so how could he know? She enjoyed Bikini Beach and Catatonia the most.

Jill Woollacott from Keighley (and a lot of other people) asked Jarvis how he felt about his Mother standing as the Conservative candidate in the local elections?

As expected, Jarvis was "intensly embarrassed" by the whole thing, but resigned himself to it because, let's face it, a mother's function is to embarrass their children. He was "appalled" when she told him, as any normal person would be. But what can you do??

Claire Forker, from Belfast, wants to know where Pulp want to spend the eve of the year 2000?

Mark: "No idea". Jarvis said he hadn't decided yet, so long as he was with friends, that's all he really wanted. He did go as far as to say "not on an aeroplane, because all the computers are going to go down (closely followed by the planes), and certainly not in the Millenium Dome." Candida too said she would like to spend it with family and friends.

Nicola Bridges, from Blackpool, has a question for Jarvis: "I was discussing the lyrics of Pulp songs for an English project with my English teacher, and it turns out he used to know a former member of Pulp, Jimmy Sellars - he said he was a great bloke. So who is this guy?

The name Jimmy Sellars drew a blank with everyone except Jarvis: turns out he was Pulp's second drummer, who played at The Leadmill in Pulp's first ever Sheffield concert. Some time after that, they played a concert at Stradbrook Community Centre (nice!) with a group called Crude. The funny thing is, Jimmy left Pulp to join them, because they let him play keyborads, which is what he really wanted; bet he regrets that now, eh readers!

Terra Robinson writes from America with this question: Whose wedding picture was used for the cover of Different Class? Were the people called in especially for the shoot?

Lots of people ask about this, so I'm glad we were able to get an official answer. Pulp had nothing to do with that particular shot, it was purely down to Donald Milne, who, as half of the photographic partnership Donald Milne & Rankin, took along a set of cut out figures to a wedding he happened to be going to, and snapped that particular shot. Ace! Now we know.

Div Williams, from Wantage, asks Pulp why is The Day After The Revolution "so bloody long!"?

Candida: "Don't ask me!". Jarvis says that the song itself is only the regulation four minutes - presumably Div is referring to the note at the end; this isn't really part of the song, it's purpose is mainly just to send you off to sleep, which, let's face it, it does most successfully. Mark said "What kind of stupid question is that". Sorry Div, but we tell it how it is!

A question for Mark here from April Locklear (April's not a member yet, so does not know quite what she is letting herself in for here) in America: What's Mark's favourite colour and food? What influenced him to play guitar?

Mark has different favourite colours for different things: at the moment his favourite colour clothes-wise is grey (it's the new black, you know), whereas for general home decoration (bed linen, carpets, etc) he favours blue, this is true - his house is very blue indeed. As for food, top of the menu in the Webber household is Mesclun Salad - apparently this is a very trendy american dish made with special organic lettuce. I'm sorry Mark, but couldn't you just say "pie" or "pasta" or something ???? Mesclun Salad indeed. As for the second part of the question, he struggled for an answer but came up with "Jason Pierce and Dean Wareham, but I was playing guitar before I met them..."

This is a question sent in by several people after the legendary Pulp take over John Peel radio programmes: What was the very last track played?

Ah ha, the mysterious Sweet People and their beautiful song "And The Birds Were Singing". Turns out this is from about 1978, it's French, and it's on a Polydor cassette album belonging to Jarvis. It's definitely French because it's actually called "Et Les Oiseaux Chantaient". It's the best thing by miles on the album - the rest isn't quite as lovely! Oh, and in reply to Milena's query about the Dory Previn song played on the same show, "The Lady With The Braid" is from an album called, bizarrely, "Mythical Kings and Iguanas", which was released in the early seventies. Again, it's the only good song on the album!

Finally, Leandro, from Buenos Aires, asks about Robert Hulse, who often crops up in Pulp videos and things. Who he?

Robert is an old pal of Jarvis' from St Martins, and has collaborated on several film projects with Pulp, including Do You Remember The First Time? and F.E.E.LI.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.I.V.E. Mark: "He is an out of work actor".

Winter 98

David Cox, from California, wants to know why is it that Pulp are not promoted in America? There's no airplay and you never see the videos - they may as well not exist! Have Island decided against it or is there a master plan on the way? (NB: I did receive this question after the USA dates, so David clearly doesn't consider the mini tour Pulp did over there "promotion". Any ideas, anyone?)

Nick says: "Obviously Pulp are an underground thing in the U.S. It's not surprising, as we're not rap / heavy metal / country & western...more's the pity!". So David, maybe Island will want to spend a bit more money promoting Pulp in the states when their next album, "Hello Pulpy" featuring MC Rapmaster Mackey is released in the spring.

Soizic Le Bervet, from La Bazouge du Desert, France, has a question for Steve: Can you give her the bass tabs for This Is Hardcore, The Fear, TV Movie and Seductive Barry. Please!! Similarly, Bridget Booth, from Conisbrough (Tony Christie was born in Conisbrough you know), wants the tabs to I Spy and Bar Italia. Hope you can scribble something down, Steve, thanks...

Steve responds: "I'd recommend that you'll learn much more by listening to the records and working them out. They're all quite easy and if you get them wrong you might even improve them". So there you have it - practice makes perfect!

Chris Whitehead from Birmingham, has a few questions: Which celebrities are Pulp mates with and which celebrities do they think are complete wankers? Also, what do they think of the Gallaghers?

Nick: "I'm not big muckas with any particular celebs. I'm sure they are all nice people. It's often the places that they frequent that are objectionable. The Gallaghers are fun/ nightmares inequal measures". Candida: "Catatonia, Cast, Radiohead, Tiger, Eels, St fact I've found almost every group I've met to be friendly. The Gallagher brothers are fine". There you are - the stars tell it how it really is. Everyone's nice!

Emma Heath from Watford asks Pulp what do they think of The Divine Comedy, and do they like Dads Army?

Candida: Divine Comedy - No, no; Dad's Army - Yes.
Nick: Divine Comedy - No; Dad's Army - Yes.

Tegan Simpson, over in Kalamunda, West­ern Australia, would like to know what Jarvis thought of Australia - did you enjoy it? Will you be back for more? Did you find the Perth venue a bit small, after what you are used to?

Nick: "Perth was great. Remember, size isn't everything dear".

Chris Howdle, from Selby, wonders what Pulp think of Rialto / Gomez / Fun Lovin' Criminals?

Candida: Rialto - No, no, no; Gomez - No, no, no; Fun Lovin' Criminals - No, no.
Nick: Rialto - Quite; Gomez - OK; Fun Lovin' Criminals - Quite.

Ian Carmichael, in Carnmoney, Northern Ireland, has a question for Jarvis: Did you ever go to any Mission concerts around 1989/1990? The reason for this is, Ian was looking through his Mission videos (like you do), and at the start of one of them - Waves Upon The Sand - there is a clip of three blokes sitting around a campfire, one of whom, I am assured, looks exactly like Jarvis....

Not sure if we will ever get to the bottom of this Ian, it's difficult to prove; but Jarvis did attend a Mission concert at Wembley Arena, but whether or not he was filmed is another story. So, can't really answer that one, sorry.

Judi Borland, from Wilden, Beds., wants to know who were the girls in the spoken word Babies video? You know, the sexy ones with the pink shorts and the cherries...?

Nick: "I never did get to 'know' them. Could you clarify 'cherries'?".

Mark Sturdy again, from Weatherby, has a few questions for anyone who can answer them really: Is Death II so called because of the late 1980's BBC2 yoof programme "Def 2", or because it's the sequel to Death Comes To Town? Or both, or neither?

Candida: "If anything, No. 2". Not quite sure what that means!! Both or neither, probably. Nick says "I would say the latter, more like a relation than a sequel".

Secondly, has it ever bothered Steve that he'd been in Pulp for 5 years before they released a record (Lipgloss) where his name wasn't spellt wrong on the sleeve?

Steve: I'd, for the record, like to put it straight. My name is SLEEVE MACQUEY

On behalf of former Pulp bassist Philip 'Pip' Thompson, Mark Sturdy would like to ask Jarvis whether he has anything to say regarding the similarity between the descending riff at the start of This is Hardcore, and the bassline from early Pulp epic Message From The Martians? Apparently it is uncanny. Jarvis? Anyone?

Candida answers: "I wrote the riff and I know nothing of the early Pulp 'epic'. It just happened. We were playing the sample, Jarvis was playing piano, and I just started playing the strings, hoping to write something happy. That didn't happen."

Finally from Mark, can anyone remember if the 1985 Sheffield dolebusters concert was filmed? We know there is a copy of the 1986 one, but not much is known about the '85 performance....I am told Steve's mum Cath had a lot to do with the organisation of Dolebusters, so perhaps Steve can tell us?

Steve says: "Yes, it's true, Mother helped organise the legendary 'Dolebusters'. It helped launch such luminaries as the 'F* *k City Sh*tters', etc. As for the video, refer to the anorak (Mark)". Thanks Steve!
Unfortunately the anorak was not available for comment, but I'll keep trying to get some more info on that one Mark.

Karine Favre, from Cours La Ville, France, is a big REM fan - do Pulp share her enthusiasm???

Candida: "I like about five REM songs and that's it. One of them is "Everybody Hurts". Nick: "REM are ok in moderation. Stipey's voice can get a bit much".

Div Williams, from Wantage, asks, how democratic are decisions made within the group?

Nick: "Sometimes it's difficult for decisions to be made by committee. Pulp democracy changes depending on the subject in question", Candida: "I'll have to come to an agreement with the rest of the band before I answer this one, unless Jarvis has a particular answer", (is that a joke? I can't work that out! Stupid Ed.).

Eyal Levy, our lone Pulp Person in Israel, wants to know what Pulp think of Radiohead...

Only Nick answered this one: "The politest people in the music business. Truly nice chaps. Thom could do with cheering up a bit". Nick wins the understatement of the century prize there!

Finally, Lorraine Dobson, from Havant, Hampshire, asks why I'm A Man was left off The Park Is Mine? And what is the favourite fruit of each member?

Nick: "Probably left off due to the horrifically out of tune singing by our leader". Candida agrees - says "ask Jarvis, and my favourite fruit is pomegranate or peach".

Spring 99

First up is Chris Howdle, from Selby, who asks whether any of Pulp keep in touch with any of the groups who have supported them over the years (or maybe even bands that Pulp have supported themselves)? And secondly, if members of the group could be a cartoon character, which one would they be?

Nick: When a group you know comes to town then you might go along and say hello, but generally, no. As for cartoon characters, it would be Muttley. Candida replies that yes, she has an annual convention where every group that has ever supported Pulp can come on her yacht and buy champagne all night. And regarding the cartoon character: "I've been asked this one before; then I said Penelope Pitsop from Wacky Races; now I say the sexy long haired cat in 'Lady & The Tramp' who sings 'He's a Tramp'. Either that or Cruella de Ville."

Dana Blaisdell, from Brighton, MI, USA, would like to know what the group got for Christmas last year ?

Nick: Books and a kettle
Mark: Disappointment

Nick Khaira, from Southampton, has a couple of questions for Pulp: Did you see the Pulp spoof on "Goodness Gracious Me" (BBC2, Friday nights) - "Hindi People"? What did you think of it? And secondly, was Don't You Want Me Anymore? a swipe at Sheffield's recognition of The Human League while Pulp had to rise from the lower leagues of the city's music scene?

Nick: I thought it was a bit poor - easily forgotten. I missed the Human League programme - the League also rose from the lower reaches of Sheffield's music scene. Candida didn't see the Pulp spoof herself but heard that it got her, Steve and Jarvis down to a 't.

Terra Robinson, from Matthews, NC, USA, has a question for all of Pulp (I've a feeling this was asked a few years ago so we can compare the answers) - what is your very favourite item of clothing? and secondly, although I can't help feeling that Terra is asking for trouble with this one but who am I to query tastes in music), what do Pulp think of Backstreet Boys, Five, and groups like that ?

Nick: My favourite item of clothing is a pair of ridiculous "Boyz II Men" promotional black gloves, they are manufactured pop drivel.
Mark: Mmm... well, you're trying to make us sound fickle and stupid now aren 't you. Years ago it was probably a brown terry towelling T-shirt and now it'll be some poncey gear from Helmut Lang or Costume National Homme. (You see Mark! You DO understand comedy!)
Candida: My favourite item of clothing is a lilac button up the front skirt, and the answer to the second question is "Not a lot'.

Daniel Hope wants to ask the group what their favourite song is on This Is Hardcore?

Nick: The Fear Mark: The Fear Candida: Probably the title track

Matthew Francis, from Decatur, IL, USA, is a big Who fan, and wonders if Pulp share his enthusiasm?

Nick: Some Who, yeah, but it can get on your tits after a bit. Mr Moon is a bit of a one.
Mark: The only thing I share with The Who is respect for Baba Riley
Candida: Oh yes.

A question from Italy now, and Simona Montanari: I would like to know who is Jarvis' favourite fashion designer, and have Pulp thought of playing at an aftershow party like Catatonia did for Donatella Versace last year?

Nick: We only do horrific shows like that if we're getting bin liners of cash as compensation for stress.
Mark: Private parties are no fun for the talented. Do not whore yourself - we have learned that much. Mind you, if it means getting some decent free clothes...
Candida: I've often thought of it!

Thomas Gower, from Coventry, wants to know: "What do Pulp think of Meatloaf, and did any of Pulp own a Commodore Amiga computer, or still own one?" (This is after Thomas spent a large proportion of his letter telling me how ace they are).

Nick: I think Meatloaf is good 'ol overblown pomp rock fun. Is the Amiga steam powered?
Mark: I like Dead Ringer for Love. I went straight from the ZX81 to Spectrum on to those BBC computers. They were not very fashionable.
Candida: I must admit I got his autograph when we were on MTV together, when I was still heady with the heights of fame.

David Cox, from San Diego, CA, USA, has a question for Jarvis: "Do those squicks and squells come naturally to him, or are they something he had to work on? They have to have hurt his voice at some point". (I'm hoping Jarvis will know what David is talking about here because I certainly don't).

Mark: We all have to squeeze him.

Here's a good one for Jarvis: Terra Robinson, from Matthews, NC, USA, asks: "What is Death goes To The Disco all about?

Well we'd all like to know the answer to that one Terra but unfortunately Jarvis wasn't quite ready to tell us yet.

Div Williams, from Wantage, asks: "Do Pulp think Britpop is dead, and does it really matter?"

Candida: Well, I never liked the Britpop idea but the sad thing is, now that it's gone - which it has - what we are left with is much, much worse, and that does matter.
Nick: Thank god, yes. and not in the slightest.

Janine Fox, from Manchester, has a question aimed directly for Candida: Who are your favourite Coronation Street characters? And to everyone, what do you think of Steve Coogan?

Candida: Hooray! Gail, Alma, Hayley - of course - Denise, Rita, Steve McDonald's not bad, Jackie Dobbs, The Battersbys, Deirdre, Gary Mallet; And Steve Coogan is quite amazing.
Nick: The only one of Mr Cogan's characters that's any cop is Alan Partridge. The rest are a bit toss really. Mark: I do not understand comedy

Summer 99

Why do you never play The Day After The Revolution live? (Mark Sturdy, Wetherby)

Mark: JC doesn't like it much.
Jarvis: It would incite civil unrest - I just can't handle that kind of responsibility

How do members of Pulp feel about the films of Woody Allen - if favourably do they have any favourites? (Kathy Evans, Llandrindod Wells)

Mark: I like him OK, but not a real big fan. No favourites.
Jarvis: It's a real mistake to get Kenneth Branagh to be a surrogate version of yourself - in fact Kenneth Branagh is a mistake, full stop. Early stuff was best - "Annie Hall" is good, especially Diane Keaton's clothes.

What do members of the group blame their poor singles sale on? (Russ Greeno, Canvey Island)

Mark: Poor choice of songs and the people don't care any more...
Jarvis: Ronan Keating

Do members of Pulp enjoy reading? Have they ever read The Lord of the Rings and what do they think of Tolkein? (Javier Marco del Pont, Buenos Aires)

Mark: I've never been to reading
Jarvis: Yes, and I play Dungeons & Dragons most weekends

What is your most memorable moment of the 1990's? (Ayako Higa, London)

Mark: Ask me in thirty years
Jarvis: Too personal to share

Do any of Pulp like Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (!)

Mark: I love Uncle Nick
Jarvis: He's the yardstick of quality (especially in the live performances stakes). Plus he keeps getting better and better.

What do you think of heavy metal??

Jarvis: I like proper metal such as Sabbath, Motorhead, Hawkwind and Heavy Rock of the late 60's such as Iron Butterfly etc.

What do they think of Blur's last album "13"? (Javier Marco del Pont, Buenos Aires)

Jarvis: Unlucky for some, i.e. anyone with ears.

What is it like being a celebrity and hanging out with the stars? (Thomas Gower, Coventry)

Mark: Fucking great
Jarvis: I dunno, ask Denise Van Outen

Which version of Anorexic Beauty is on the Beware The Bacon Slicer tape? (Mark Sturdy, Wetherby)

Mark: The only one
Jarvis: I neither know nor care

Do / did any of the members of Pulp except Jarvis like the music that Pulp made before they joined? (John Kenneth Tilley, Doncaster)

Mark: Yes, that's why I'm here
Jarvis: They'd better say "yes".

What goes into consideration when deciding on a set list? (Div Williams, Wantage, Oxon.)

Mark: Far too much. It's not interesting.
Jarvis: Biorhythms, chakra alignments, I-Ching forecast, personal hygiene, proximity to ley-lines / centres of earth magic, closing time.

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