After You (song)

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  • Written by: Pulp

2012 version

  • Produced by: James Murphy


On the last night on earth, when the horses roam free
The scriptures foretell of a party in Hackney
In a dimly lit room full of loathing and hate
They're selling their souls and I just can't wait

I shrivel inside at the sight of your beauty
I fall to the the floor as she's shaking her booty
She said she- and then she- until I turned blue
Oh, the things we get up to, to get through the night
After you

After you

I knew it was wrong
I began to suspect when she reached over and pressed the eject
I was up to the gunnels, against all advice
I felt so ashamed that I did it twice

From disco to disco
From Safeway to Tesco
We're shopping around from the cradle till death row
From Tesco it's down to the 7-11
To chase through the night time
To chase through the night
After you

After you

I can't explain why I need to be free
But if you need to be naked that's alright by me
It's a fast track express to the graveyard, I know
So what are you waiting for, hey ho let's go

From disco to disco
From Safeway to Tesco
We're shopping around from the cradle till death row
Don't stop until the train has pulled into the station
Then I'll hold the door for you - no, I insist
After you

After you

Oh, after you

After you

Yeah, after you

After you

After you

After you

After you ...

(You can find the slightly different lyrics from the 2000 demo version here)


This song was demoed in 2000 but then abandoned. There were rumours that it was amongst the very best songs from the We Love Life era demos. In Mark Sturdy's biography (Truth & Beauty: The Story of Pulp) Nick Banks is reported to have described it as "an absolute lost classic". This demo version has never been released, although in recent years it has leaked out, so some fans have heard it.

A new recording was made in November-December 2012, produced by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. This is the only known studio recording Pulp have made since the reunion in 2011. It was initially made available as a Christmas gift to those who attended the Sheffield Arena concert on 8th December 2012. This was in the form of an MP3 download, available on Christmas Day only, that was accessed with a download code written in Christmas cards that were given out. Citing the “considerable interest” generated by this Christmas gift, the band decided to make After You commercially available in the form of a download only release on 28th January 2013.

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