Unreleased We Love Life demos – sign a petition for their release

Pulp's last album, We Love Life, is over ten years old. Released in October 2001, the Scott Walker produced swansong received rave reviews and saw Pulp achieve their fourth top ten album.

The inclusion of songs from the album at their shows during the successful reunion show how much the band and fans continue to hold the era in regard.

During the many recording sessions for what would become We Love Life plenty of beautiful songs were demoed and let fall by the wayside for one reason or another. Over a decade on, Pulp fans rely on bootleg live recordings to hear gems such as Cuckoo and The Quiet Revolution while numerous other songs remain unreleased, in studio vaults. Little information exists for many of these save for track names and recording dates.

Pulp reissued the three previous Universal Island albums in 2006 much to the delight of fans. Indeed, in many cases certain discarded songs found favour among the hardcore over some of the material that made the final cut. The wealth of songs written, demoed and unreleased prior to and during the making of We Love Life potentially offer the best value and insight into the quality of Pulp's songwriting (to which Richard Hawley contributed at this time). Mr Cocker himself, not given to hyperbole has commented that "We could do quite a good one (reissue) of We Love Life".

Sign the petition below to request that Universal Music Group release the many unreleased songs from this period, in the form of a We Love Life deluxe edition or digital downloads of the individual songs:

Please sign using your real name. Obviously fake or silly names may be removed.

1378 people have signed so far.

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18/02/17NoahLet's have it.
11/02/17Owen Reissplz plz plz plz plzzzzzzz
09/02/17Ben NobleThis is my favourite pulp lp.
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29/01/17mattU1Toy4 http://www.y7YwKx7Pm6OnyJvolbcwrWdoEnRF29pb.com
17/01/17GusCome on, Jarv. Let's start the new year off with a new Pulp album. WE LOVE LIFE!
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05/01/17BarnypokvPcjVR http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com
04/01/17Marie-SarahPulp is Life. My life are not the same since i know Pulp,Jarvis Cocker. Of course i sign !
04/01/17BarnypokT0u998 http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com
03/01/17Barnypoksmfu2M http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com
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23/12/16RussLet's go, guys, give us this album.
01/12/16DanLet's hear these tunes, come on.
19/11/16Damián Perich
08/11/16EdA deluxe reissue of this album would be f**king sweet.
04/11/16HankCome on, guys... Give us this album. We want to hear more from these sessions.
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07/10/16BarryDo it!
03/10/16AlC'mon, give us this album, guys! WE WANT MORE PULP!
02/10/16Allan SchyttePlease release these fantastic b-side tracks or even better; make a complete works boxset... Greetings from Denmark
28/09/16ThomasWhy not !
04/09/16RickieA deluxe version of this album would be amazing... Please give it to us, Jarvis.
03/09/16AaronWe want this album! Give us the delixe re-release already!
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31/08/16FredrickRemove card
25/08/16Tom PerryUnder-rated album. Would like to hear all of the sessions!
14/08/16JimmiXSCGgO4c http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com
07/08/16JacksonGive us the deluxe release, please! It's been long enough! It would be so amazing to get this album again! :D
05/08/16Martina PankowAren't we told to sign with our real name? Maybe half of the votes won't count now. Anyway, if "We love Life" didn't exist, I wouldn't know Pulp at all, and I wouldn't have got so addicted :D More of that stuff, please!
28/07/16CharleyPlease give us this album already, it'd be so amazing...
01/07/16AaronJarvis, Candida, Nick, Steve, Mark... GIVE US THIS DELUXE RELEASE ALREADY! WE WANT IT AND WE NEED IT! PLEASE???
23/06/16MartinC'mon Jarv
11/06/16Mychael RAY MEEi love Pulp, i just bought the two deluxe 2006 album but i miss this one with Bad Cover Version !
22/05/16MarkCome on and give us this release already! We want it, WE NEED IT! WE LOVE LIFE!
14/05/16David ZI would love life a lot more if this were reissued
10/05/16SamPlease give us this reissue! We need it!
09/05/16JessPlease do it!
07/04/16jamesplease, we are begging for this
01/04/16Steven BroderickPlease.
21/03/16NyeThis is Pulp's masterpiece!
03/03/16GerryC'mon Jarvis! Have to hear studio version of Cuckoo soon.
22/02/16Bert Bouwers
20/02/16Thomas McDonaldI enjoy listening to Pulp's rareties more than those of of any other band I can think of. I frequently come across what I consider album-worthy tracks. Do it!
12/02/16Michael Allen
09/02/16Lee SaundersOh, please do yes.
08/02/16John SimmonsCome on Jarvis give us a treat!
05/02/16John Murdoch
21/01/16Melissa MPLEASE Pulp, we need this <3 We'll pay whatever you want for it, trust me!
10/01/16Joseph AguadoIt's about time
29/12/15Bob LiPlease give us this release! WE LOVE "WE LOVE LIFE"..!
28/12/15Colin NauertPretty please!
25/12/15Thomas HermanPlease ! This is so great !
12/12/15Dave LeePlease release it! Thanks.
13/11/15Carl W.Come on, gents! Give us this album! WE WANT IT AND WE NEED IT!
11/11/15Julian Dicken
03/11/15Valeria NuñezThis would be a success worldwide. We want more Pulp.
03/11/15Mark Hbring it!
02/11/15Davevinyl please!!!!!!
02/11/15Davevinyl please!!!!!!
31/10/15VictorWe need it
30/10/15Matthewhurry up....
27/10/15JonathanPlease do this. It would be wonderful!
26/10/15MarkWhere's this album already? A deluxe re-release would be killer...
13/10/15NathanThe petition is just 5 more away from reaching 1200! Come on people, we can get the band to re-release this album if we just get more signatures! Raise awareness for it!
06/10/15Franziska ZibarthThe Quiet Revolution entdeckte ich im Buch "Mother Brother lover" ich fand es zum Glück und kam so hierher, es sollte in der Tat mehr Menschen zugänglich sein, es ist besonders, sogar unter all den anderen besondern Liedern von Pulp
05/10/15David Lindström
29/09/15Zac SteinIt's more money for you guys, more fun for us.
19/09/15F. K. HazennCome on, give us this album! We Love Life deserves a re-release!
14/09/15Mr WhiskasGet a move on!!! Re-release please!!!!!!!
14/09/15Anne-Marie Colle-BirchPlease please please!!!
12/09/15Ali Bosworth
10/09/15Josie LewisBrilliant idea... So long as it's not available in Meadow Hall and the cover is re-done by Peter Blake.
07/09/15Solomon EastIt's absolutely ridiculous that this album still hasn't been given a re-release in deluxe form after 9 years... They need to put a deluxe version of this album out. I'd give anything in the world for it. Please do it for the fans! For us! Please!!!
07/09/15Cormac MoriartyReissue, reissue, repackage...
27/08/15Stephane Belvalplease do a deluxe reedition!!
24/08/15JayPor favor :3
20/08/15Ben WaldenYES PLEASE
13/08/15Iuri Lang
12/08/15KoenI've been waiting for years for this to be released...
07/08/15Joseph AguadoAfter you
06/08/15j baasi would buy it!
31/07/15Mark J
18/07/15AngusI NEED THIS
18/07/15AngusI NEED THIS
16/07/15Jay PeabyLoads of utterly shitty albums get the "deluxe" treatment--how about a great one this time?
11/07/15Sharon barrsI love pulp so much so I would dearly love to hear these yet undiscovered songs
11/07/15SamI love life; I need pulp to live
06/07/15Trevor FischerNot just deluxe but vinyl too please!
01/07/15Julian OyolaPlease please us
26/06/15luis enriquewe love pulp,we love life
26/06/15shane, and i did what i knew was only naturelye underneath the city
17/06/15AUSSEILThanks for your work
16/06/15MatthiasWhat if You never come down?
03/06/15hervewherever a river may take me
27/05/15DexterThe line's engaged
27/05/15HenryWhat sort of music do you like?
27/05/15ReyesDo you know what extension he's on?
27/05/15BrittYes, I play the guitar
27/05/15FreemanI'd like to send this parcel to
27/05/15TracyHow do you know each other?
27/05/15JeroldYes, I love it!
27/05/15IgnacioI love this site
27/05/15RandallWould you like to leave a message?
27/05/15FerminHow much is a First Class stamp?
27/05/15MillardHow much does the job pay?
27/05/15LoganNot in at the moment
27/05/15ThaddeusOn another call
27/05/15CordellWhat's the exchange rate for euros?
27/05/15WileyI study here
27/05/15MillardPlease call back later
27/05/15ElishaNot available at the moment
27/05/15ErnieWhat's your number?
27/05/15ChuckWe've got a joint account
27/05/15AaliyahA law firm
27/05/15EliasDo you like it here?
27/05/15TaylorI was born in Australia but grew up in England
27/05/15RaleighIs this a temporary or permanent position?
27/05/15IsaiahHow much will it cost to send this letter to ?
27/05/15PedroEnter your PIN
27/05/15OliviaI live in London
27/05/15MicahI read a lot
27/05/15DwightWho would I report to?
27/05/15NickolasVery funny pictures
27/05/15Silasthis is be cool 8)
27/05/15TyronInsert your card
27/05/15ShirleyWhat's your number?
27/05/15CharlesI never went to university
27/05/15JonathonI'd like to pay this in, please
27/05/15GarretWhere's the nearest cash machine?
27/05/15Alphonsothis is be cool 8)
27/05/15KatherineIs there ?
27/05/15RaymundoWhere do you study?
27/05/15LucasWhat sort of work do you do?
27/05/15LaurenNot available at the moment
27/05/15ClaireA packet of envelopes
27/05/15DomingoThrough friends
27/05/15DarnellHave you got any ?
27/05/15Irvingood material thanks
27/05/15DghonsonI'd like to speak to someone about a mortgage
27/05/15LaverneIncorrect PIN
27/05/15Friend35How much does the job pay?
27/05/15RobinI'd like to take the job
27/05/15OrvalI'd like to withdraw $100, please
27/05/15DerrickI'm interested in this position
27/05/15DelbertCan I take your number?
27/05/15WalterI'll send you a text
27/05/15DwightA law firm
27/05/15CorneliusI don't know what I want to do after university
27/05/15EusebioPunk not dead
27/05/15BrentI want to make a withdrawal
27/05/15TonyHave you got any ?
27/05/15KaylaWhere's the postbox?
27/05/15WilbertI'm a housewife
27/05/15JacquesBest Site good looking
27/05/15CedrickThanks funny site
27/05/15RobbyPlease wait
27/05/15AshtonWhich team do you support?
27/05/15LifestileI'd like to pay this cheque in, please
27/05/15PabloI work with computers
27/05/15GarlandI'd like to order some foreign currency
27/05/15LonnieHave you got any experience?
27/05/15BriceCould you tell me the number for ?
27/05/15SophiaThanks for calling
27/05/15EnriqueI like it a lot
27/05/15AnthonyI read a lot
27/05/15MarcoI've been made redundant
27/05/15GermanIt's OK
27/05/15MakaylaWhat's the last date I can post this to to arrive in time for Christmas?
27/05/15BrainYour cash is being counted
27/05/15HectorI've just started at
27/05/15ThaddeusAn accountancy practice
27/05/15TerrellWho would I report to?
27/05/15ColinWhy did you come to ?
27/05/15FaithA few months
27/05/15EliseoWhat's your number?
27/05/15DonnellWhere are you from?
27/05/15StanleyRemove card
27/05/15DarnellWill I have to work on Saturdays?
27/05/15JonathanI'd like , please
27/05/15EmmaAccountant supermarket manager
27/05/15MelissaI'd like to take the job
27/05/15ClaudioI'd like to open a personal account
27/05/15MonroeA packet of envelopes
16/05/15PaulBloody hell release it.
13/05/15GilesRemember seeing them live before its release and was blown away by Sunrise - late period Pulp is under-rated !
12/05/15Santiago Papanicolau
03/05/15Logan TUrner
14/04/15EL MANU
04/04/15Julian BrunonePulp were and still are a fantastic band. WE all would LOVE a deluxe LIFE!
19/03/15RachelPULP = People Unhappy L P not available.
15/03/15Angel M.We all need to have the deluxe version of We Love Life, it's an amazing album that deserves this release. It's artistically genius and it needs to be flourish into this age that we are in
09/03/15детские книги скачатьAnd what do you write?,
23/02/15Filip Lapcevic
30/01/15Stefano Pesenti Campagnoni
26/01/15Simon Berberich
17/01/15Allen ZimmermanI would really, really love to have a deluxe version of We Love Life see the light day. I've only heard low-quality bootlegs and fuzzy live performances of some of these songs, others I simply can't find, and so I would give ANYTHING to be able to get my hands on these demos and recordings. PLEASE RELEASE A DELUXE VERSION OF WE LOVE LIFE. PLEASE. It would be so AMAZING! I will pay any amount of money for this release! PLEASE RELEASE IT!
14/01/15Huymy favorite pulp album
03/01/15Lewis Waddinghamsigned!!
19/12/14Bernd MartinYou can do it.
15/12/14Dan Butcher
08/12/14Mathias KeiberYes, please!
08/12/14Alex ChanayLet's have an LP reissue as well!
04/12/14Jose Sepulvedafrom chile, please release this demos!! love pulp!
30/11/14Cathal O'Hare
18/11/14Maria Esposito
15/11/14Luis Blancasi want it
07/11/14Jason Coates
31/10/14Irina Solovyeva
30/10/14Ivan Jerome Sherfieldumm... yeah , like , this NEEDS to happen. Because, Different Class was reissued, same as His 'n Hers, and lastly, This Is Hardcore. so why not. this epic piece of work?
28/10/14Francesco GuerraPretty please?
15/10/14Lewis BarrettThis NEEDS to happen!!!
01/10/14Gary Fowles
21/09/14Peter FaizeyPlease, please, please. Too much good material here going to waste. Silly really that this was not released during their reunion tours. I'd happily pay a sizeable sum for this right now!
20/09/14Giuseppe Cimino
19/09/14Jon RanstedYes please!
11/09/14Jonathan GarnicaWe're begging to take our money, come on!
11/09/14Kevin PaynePlease make this happen.
09/09/14David LandrethCmon...
07/09/14Samuel DepontJust do it, for Christ's sake...
01/09/14Daniele Santoro
22/08/14Martin Norcross
21/08/14Ted Hornick
20/08/14Hugh Hutchison
14/08/14Seán O'Callaghan
06/08/14Colin Nasseriwould be delightful, please release it.
05/08/14Luka Andrej
26/07/14Sam Hunt
26/07/14Renaud Demarest
22/07/14Jim DeeDo it!
18/07/14Graham Debenham
17/07/14Thomas NeumeierGermany, Bitte Bitte !!!!
14/07/14Tyler GminderPleeeeeeaaaasssseeee it would be amazing
01/07/14Jeff Chapman
30/06/14Grant Kuneman
19/06/14Calum IrvineHas to happen, to complete the "Deluxe" set if nothing else
17/06/14Max TMUST
16/06/14James Marriott
16/06/14Felix NestlerThere are many extraordinary good songs among previous deluxe editions by PULP. You cannot tell me for We Love Life there aren't! Gimme some more PULP, you cocaine socialists!
12/06/14Ian CrichtonThis has to happen.
10/06/14Virginia VerstraetenMore Pulp music please!
10/06/14David BoboWe are up for it . . .
08/06/14Michael Hernandez"Please release me, let me go"....said all the unreleased Pulp songs
01/06/14Kevin BodnarThis is a necessary addtion to the Pulp discography!
01/06/14Pawel SojaCome on, people!
30/05/14Iain MarleyThese deserve to be heard!
25/05/14Douglas JThis would be a great addition to the Pulp collection
21/05/14Juan FranciscoGreat site. PULP is the best!
18/05/14GarrettWE NEED MORE PULP...
18/05/14Rich HaeselerFan forever we need more Pulp
11/05/14fred shardon
24/04/14Wayne NoonGet This Done!
22/04/14Alex Wakefield
21/04/14Mark CassidyPlease release this!
21/04/14Iván de NevaresWhy not?...
18/04/14Mathijs Romans
18/04/14Charlotte Potter
15/04/14John RogersYES PLEASE!!!
14/04/14Agostina Marchiwe love we love life
09/04/14Caleb SmithOh to finally hear a quality studio recording of "Cuckoo Song". Here's to hoping "And some time dreams come true..."
05/04/14Thea BakkerI love life
02/04/14Cody NieburPulp is a sensation.
26/03/14Jack Bennett
20/03/14Cameron Arnold
13/03/14Simon costelloPulp for life
12/03/14Rick Andrade
12/03/14Colin Carlson
08/03/14Thomas Ashworth
05/03/14Heiko KnechtGermany
03/03/14Bobby CarlanPlease release this album in deluxe format! As a writer, I need the inspiration of Jarvis Cocker and Co.
28/02/14TobiasI am waiting for it! Would certainly buy some favourite tracks via ITunes
27/02/14Hankotrees forever!
24/02/14Daniel DaviesWith After you on it!! But, If not a reissue, then how about a new album perhaps....
01/02/14Paul AndersonWe Love PULP! The previous Deluxe editions were stunning releases, please continue to complete the set!
28/01/14William FlintI want a 16 minute long wickerman
23/01/14brunodon't leave us in the dark.....
22/01/14Michaelpulp pls
21/01/14Darran Anderson
19/01/14David JewersYes please
19/01/14Davido Kuks KrutaisYES
15/01/14Ian SmithDeluxe CD then vinyl box-set?
12/01/14Ben VentressC'mon make this happen in 2014!
04/12/13Donald MacleodOne of my favourite Pulp Albums, It'll be good to hear those B-Sides and the Unreleased Demos.
03/12/13Daniel Keedwell
25/11/13HowardThe deluxe reissue Gotham deserves, but not the one it has right now
22/11/13Brian PeppersYes please! For Christmas.... 2014
18/11/13peppelo stampiamo o no?
17/11/13Jed Blackburn
11/11/13Those useless treesYES
07/11/13Konstantinos SkevofylaxFirst We Love Life's reissue...then a NEW album!!!
06/11/13Jason SohoPlease! I need life!
05/11/13Mikael JärvelinDo it!
04/11/13Zak GrahamPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSE!!!!
02/11/13BillYes please!
18/10/13James McCombieThe list is long and growing - come on Universal! On vinyl please!
16/10/13Scott RichardsonCant have enough Pulp.
06/10/13Ken CYou guys made my uni days so much more enriching, so please continue that!
03/10/13Lisa Mos
28/09/13Tyler BDon't leave this one album out in the dark! Let it shine with a shiny new reissue!
22/09/13Steve PrydeAt least a digital download release of a special edition would be great.
19/09/13Henri Désiré LandruSi vous sortiez ces démos,ce serait une tuerie !
17/09/13Im sick and tiredof wtiting this again. (Egorov Vladimir, Samara, Russia)
16/09/13Agata Skupień
01/09/13Lucas TroncosoRelease it
30/08/13Paloma MonteroWe all would buy it, and not only that, there are a lot of discontinued Pulp's albums, like some old EPs and b-sides collections very difficult to find in places like my country, Chile, please do it! Thanx! :)
30/08/13Kieran BowdenWhy miss out the last Album??
27/08/13Max O'ByrneWhat else am I gonna spend my money on?
27/08/13PaulI don't even care about the demos, just release it again on vinyl
20/08/13Facundo BeyRelease it!!!
15/08/13PaulDeluxe with a vinyl reissue, please!
12/08/13RonnieIt makes perfect sense to release this.... for Christmas x
07/08/13Cameren LeeDon't just do it for Pulp and the fans...do it for Scott!
04/08/13Scott GibbinsRelease it, and I'll buy it. Vinyl release wouldn't go amiss either
29/07/13Elliott R.release it, and I'll buy it!
22/07/13RoseAnother great Pulp album, would love to hear the unreleased songs.
11/07/13Philip GregoryPlease oh please oh please!!!
05/07/13JoonasA box set of Pulp like "Blur 21" would be ace!
04/07/13Veselov SergeiRussia
29/06/13drewwe love life is great. i regret deeply not buying it on vinyl when it come out. bring it out again!
24/06/13Oliver Gaskell
25/05/13AdrianName your price ...
22/05/13Luis Esteban GutiérrezSigning
21/05/13LucillePlease release it.
18/05/13W.R. GermanPlease re-release this great album on vinyl!
13/05/13Jack RogersPlease Release. My Favorite Pulp Record
10/05/13Philip Chung
03/05/13Daniel Hendley
02/05/13m khanplease release this as soon as possibe
30/04/13ThomasVinyl as well!
24/04/13Santiago Papanicolau
22/04/13Markus WagnerPlease release a vinyl version. Thanks
20/04/13Ryan Turner
17/04/13Alex Kither
17/04/13David Wolfson
15/04/13Samuel Groves (Misshaped)I am not violent man...yet. Reissue We Love Life and this will not be prone to change.
13/04/13CamiloYeah, pleaseeeee, I wanna listen to some extra stuff 8-) , very very good album indeed.
12/04/13Tim JosephYou might as well finish the set!!
07/04/13Lloyd Houston
26/03/13VladHow long can we wait? We want to give you our money :0)
26/03/13Dmitrywe want it !!!
25/03/13Stephen ConnollyYeah!
22/03/13Goran Rajković
19/03/13Christian SchmitzYou would think the band would be able to get this released (if they really wanted). Oh well.
18/03/13Joel CouplandNow the Fire albums have been reissued, this is the ONLY Pulp album not to get the deluxe treatment... and it's one of their best. Do it.
17/03/13James Kahle
08/03/13JarvgirlI don't know why this wasn't done earlier. You must feel a bit silly now. Come on, get it released!
07/03/13James GoodmanI want to hear the after you demo...
05/03/13Wes Sadler
03/03/13Scott Croly
26/02/13David LichfieldAn excellent swansong, would be great to see this.
26/02/13Chris Atkins
22/02/13Michael Thomason
20/02/13Ellis BakerIn light of "After You", there's no better time ... a glimpse into what we could be hearing.
19/02/13Greg LawrenceHopefully a reissued album could lead to another tour to help promote it - then everyone's a winner!
18/02/13Octavio ParraPlease share this to the world
18/02/13Sharon Hall
18/02/13ThomasI will buy this 10 times, release it please.
18/02/13Dave Williams
18/02/13julie gledhill
14/02/13George RochetteCouldn't possibly a better time.
14/02/13chris LeylandPlease reissue this album!!, when i heard 'After you' i wished there was more!!!
13/02/13Paolo Emilio MattioIt would be great.
13/02/13JohnnyWPlease make this happen! We need more Pulp!
11/02/13Paul williams
10/02/13Colm O' MearaFantastic Record, deserves a re-issue
09/02/13maureenburmani wish sign petition for universal music group to release the many unreleased songs from the period over the ten years/oct 2001, i am desperate to hear MORE Pulp?JarvisCocker music/songs'WeLoveLife'-demos and anything we as fans are due to hear,,,,,!!!I am 69 y.o., i haven't got enough years to wait!!
07/02/130aoifeThe time is now
07/02/13Ade KeastGo on, Pulp!
07/02/13Ryan MatthewsShow me the money
06/02/13Johnny LawOh do go chaps.
05/02/13Richard KeastNo I insist, after you!
05/02/13Jack HaworthI want more like After You. That is all.
05/02/13Francesco BensiA little support from Italy
05/02/13Vee LanvertonYou know it makes sense..
04/02/13Russell James Smith
03/02/13Cameron AllenI really love this album, more than any other Pulp album.
03/02/13Lesley WilliamsI've run out of Pulp things to buy and resorted to buying posters from 90's mags. PLEASE HELP!!'
03/02/13RichardA huge omission from the 2006 retrospectives - it's a much-loved album so let's see it get the full reissue treatment it deserves.
03/02/13Mike O Mahony
02/02/13AyakoPlease release them, thanks!!
02/02/13Lindsey WilsonSheffield sex city
02/02/13Gea Birkinthis.is.hardcore.
02/02/13MarkyboyMake it so. You know you want to.
31/01/13Jonny MoleAnd please price it at 99p
26/01/13Michael Tpleeeeeeeaaaaase! Do it!
24/01/13Paul ScottWe Love Remasters
21/01/13andrew hdo it
21/01/13Ryushi LindsayYes please
20/01/13andy pthis needs to happen
19/01/13Scott Ryan Guestfans will see these tracks as sacred audio, the bosses behind the curtain should see this as a money making opportunity of great proportion
17/01/13Chas Watts
17/01/13Andy MoseleyCriminal that these tracks are unreleased
17/01/13Eric Reidardo it.
15/01/13Chris Heckford
15/01/13Nick WCriminally underrated album - let's have a reissue with ALL the extras!
13/01/13Michael Fannen
10/01/13Adrian meskoDo us a favor - we like this flavour
09/01/13Mark WatsonWhy-ever not? You know you want to..
08/01/13Carrie-ann HollandPretty please. x
08/01/13Roland Adam
08/01/13Lisette BarlowIt only makes sense!
06/01/13Joseph Stephen Wall
06/01/13Brian O'NeillPlease :D
05/01/13Markwin Meeuws
05/01/13MikePlease do it
05/01/13Simon PrenticeWould love to hear some new Pulp tracks!
29/12/12Andy AlvarezSí! Necesitamos esas canciones!
28/12/12Nikita SkorobogatovIn the absence of any new material, any previously unheard Pulp songs would be almost like a new album.
28/12/12Frank Weber10 more years and we might be too old to hit the "buy" button
27/12/12ElieYep. Especially if any of the other tracks are anywhere near as good as After You.
27/12/12rob walkerwe love pulp
27/12/12Adam Hay
27/12/12Medvedev Andreilooking forward to it really bad
26/12/12martini always felt omitting we love life from the reissues programme undermined the credibility of the whole undertaking. the album is a vital part of the pulp catalogue, and thus of recent 'popular culture'. the fashions or economics of the time in which it was released should not be allowed to detract from that fact.
26/12/12Claire Ennis
26/12/12Johnny RiddleYes please. Especially after 'After You'...
25/12/12Alan MacLeanGreat album and I'd love to hear the other songs.
25/12/12Joao Fernandesyes, please
25/12/12Alberto BonardellNow after hearing 'After You', I think this release is IMPERATIVE!!
25/12/12carolyn seddons
23/12/12Andy CI would buy it.
23/12/12Peter YarrowOn vinyl please
22/12/12James Agar
22/12/12jens battenfeld
21/12/12Christy Smith
18/12/12Cliff VandercaveYes to the power of infinity.
18/12/12Ben Bristow
13/12/12Martin Matthews
13/12/12Alexander HeusschenAnybody Broomhill?
13/12/12Harry GrimesYEAAAHHH
12/12/12Adrian AntosVINYL REISSUE!
11/12/12Vasek Chalupa
10/12/12Benjamin Merieauone of my favorites pulp albums, worth a reissue !
09/12/12Chris Thomson
07/12/12Findlay wilson
07/12/12Adam F SmithI used to listen to this album every day. I'd love to do it all over again.
07/12/12Tim JosephLet's finish off the set properly!
06/12/12Dirk Dumoulinthis world needs more Pulp
04/12/12Jamil Jivanjee
03/12/12Charlie Ivens
02/12/12Jasmin Bishopyea
02/12/12Thom Eastwood???????????????????????????????7777777777
29/11/12Thomas Coleman
29/11/12Lesley Williams
27/11/12jessica torres
26/11/12MichaelI would buy 10 copies!
22/11/12daviddall ja, publct stu cazz d' cd
22/11/12Henrique Afrom Brazil, always wanting more of Pulp
21/11/12Jon Sutton
21/11/12Eduardo Dursiohh, from Buenos Aires, we love life!
20/11/12Ted NewgardeYes
20/11/12Emma Kitt
20/11/12Dan Pullinger
19/11/12Julieta Estadesoh yes.
17/11/12Rolf Jacobsonthe world needs this songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16/11/12Elliot ArthurPlease!!
14/11/12Ronald C
13/11/12Toby Jones
13/11/12Andrew ScullyPlease, people need to rediscover this album.
13/11/12Kaz DemonMake my life comleter, please!
12/11/12Simon Jonesplease let this happen!
11/11/12Michael ClarkI love life is profoundly underrated. Wickerman alone is a classic.
09/11/12Steve FilmtonYES. WANT. NEED!!!
07/11/12Yolo Oloololo
07/11/12Yoko OkuboI love life! Please!
05/11/12Paul GalvinPlease!
04/11/12Stephen Treadwell
02/11/12Hugo VargasWould become a jewel instantly!!
01/11/12Javi FritzWe really love life please!!!!
28/10/12Jill Palmer
26/10/12Joshua Thomas
25/10/12Jack Connell
24/10/12Alex Osborne
23/10/12Claire Doblean ace idea, i would buy it!
22/10/12Liz Ottosson
22/10/12Humphrey YipSupport!
22/10/12Jon Blackwith the original remastered less loud please
21/10/12Matthew CiavarellaDO it please!! x
19/10/12Jack Burnham
19/10/12Laura WhitePlease!!
18/10/12Paul Holloway
18/10/12Demi TiannaAt Laaaaaaaaaaaaaast!!!!
17/10/12William Hardy TesterOne band I am happy to repurchase albums from again and again for bonuses... ;)
14/10/12Jarvinatori feel it in my balls
13/10/12Donald NewholmMuch underrated and desired!
13/10/12MariaIt's time!
07/10/12Gordon V.We need it!
07/10/12andy slong overdue
05/10/12damon marriner
05/10/12Владимир ЕгоровНу и долго мы тебя упрашивать будем, блеать!) Давай быстро делюкс!
05/10/12Lincoln G
01/10/12Charie PattersonVinyll reissues for We Love Life & His 'n' Hers would be appreciated.
30/09/12Henry L
29/09/12William Clark
27/09/12Jordy Bits about time
26/09/12Steven KimFell in love with Pulp this year... Want more!
25/09/12Ana Hudson
23/09/12Gisela Martínez
23/09/12Victor Secuon the vinyl, please!
20/09/12Sophie PolasdottirDo it !
19/09/12Daniel TremlettDo it, 'cause I've used Pulp & Jarvis to win the girl below's heart
19/09/12Laura Cohenbecause Daniel said you should.
19/09/12Jeremy Owenit would be a great added bonus to a fantastic record
19/09/12Edoardo PretiWonderful, underestimated album.
18/09/12Zakchk Topashik
17/09/12Timothy Weston
17/09/12Cy R
16/09/12Melanie BarthelmePlease!
14/09/12Morgan Tatchell-EvansI love We Love Life x
14/09/12Andrew WhittakerJust in time for Xmas please!
14/09/12Pablo Perez RancañoSI POR FAVOR
14/09/12Philophobia Musicyes please
14/09/12St Gregory OrangeMake it so
14/09/12Rhubarb BombWhy not?
14/09/12Kevin LiversagePlease please please please please
13/09/12Dolan RibyYes please! Don't forget to tell your Pulp fan friends to sign this!
12/09/12AleksanderALL I NEED IS OLD PULP DEMOS
09/09/12HenryWe need it!
08/09/12Joanna Sturiano
07/09/12Kali Page
07/09/12Laura OroñaPLEASE!!
07/09/12Bronte Laffin VinesPlease do!
05/09/12Megan ShiplettPulp is that one band that I just want to hear everything from. Releasing the demos would bring me quite a bit closer to that.
04/09/12Tyler SymesIf they did the other albums they should do We Love Life
04/09/12Eunice Tania JiménezI love Pulp
03/09/12Eric Flores JiménezPlease!
03/09/12Lucia Gonzalezin Argentina as well :)
02/09/12Yonatan Riklis
02/09/12IzabelaYES, PLEASE
31/08/12Michael OnslowPlease!
30/08/12Johnny SpencerYes- please make this happen!
30/08/12Andreas Carnheimer
29/08/12Sandra Jenkinson
28/08/12Hayley ChaplinWe need these songs!!
28/08/12yolanda carbajal;)
28/08/12mattI love pulp, I love my life.
26/08/12Colin Gardner
26/08/12Adam Zammit
21/08/12Steve PlimsolGive us it!!
17/08/12JohnMUST HAVE.
16/08/12Brian A. MorenoFans of Pulp, Scott Walker and Richard Hawley would flock to this gem..Please create a deluxe edition.
15/08/12bedeWould love it!, please add b-sides "yesterday" & "forever in my dreams"
15/08/12EstelaI downloaded it once in napster
14/08/12Iep Fink
14/08/12Нортон Виндоктор
13/08/12ZacharyNeed it! Best band in the world!
13/08/12BrendaMUST HAVE!
12/08/12Thomas WhelanWe do it!
10/08/12Sean WardMy 2nd fave behind "Different Class" !!
07/08/12ThierryPULPPPPPP! ;D
05/08/12Rodrigogreat Pulp's last album!
04/08/12Mike ApplinI'd definitely buy it, I'd love to hear what happened to that "missing album".
03/08/12Daniel Hirshleifer
31/07/12DavidWe all Love Life!
30/07/12The Beast"666 people have signed so far."
29/07/12Estela ZarazagaWe love life!
29/07/12Charlesit's a shame how this album was so overlooked back in the day...http://soundcloud.com/charles-angold/candy-breakdown
28/07/12Jason Taylorwww.facebook.com/Jarvis.Cockers.Sunday.Service
28/07/12AbigailWe Love 'We Love Life'! x
27/07/12VincentWe love life too !
26/07/12Sebastian PaganoI hope they come to Argentina
26/07/12Richard WainmanReally needs to happen. This one could potentially top the others.
25/07/12Gustavo IbarraI saw Pulp Live 3 times on this tour...
25/07/12Michelle PaggiPor favor!
24/07/12Tom AndradeBest Pulp Album
22/07/12B Parker
22/07/12Borbotis Achilleas
22/07/12Camille WrightIts criminal that 'We Love Life' ain't been deluxed yet!!!If it helps, i'll pledge to buy multiple copies if its released. :)
21/07/12Ashley whittomewhy don't you shut the door and close the the curtains.
20/07/12Aimeecome onnnn
20/07/12Bruno Gramacho Justo
19/07/12Laura RatcliffLet the birds in your garden sing THESE songs!
19/07/12Jackie Hoarethis would be awesome
19/07/12Paul Griggs
18/07/12Victor Martinez
18/07/12Marius BoeweIt has to be done - one of the best albums ever
17/07/12themster feritYEAH
17/07/12Rasmus M
17/07/12daniel masterssounds good!
17/07/12Eva Vlckova
16/07/12Steven JenkinsPerhaps a Kickstarter campaign to help fund?
15/07/12vernier viviennethe night and the stars gives inspirations
15/07/12Geoff Lokkegive it
15/07/12Adam KayI'd buy it! On CD! From HMV! Old skool!
14/07/12Craig Edwards
14/07/12kieran smithMy favourite Pulp record
13/07/12Sophie Ganeshplease please please please
13/07/12James MoorhouseThis would be wonderful, so many unreleased tracks to choose from like Cuckoo, Snow and Roald Dahl plus rare gems like Born To Cry and Grandfather's Nursery.
13/07/12Korkut KoymanYeah, we really need that....!
12/07/12Clive JohnsonI'm not a particularly avid pulp fan, but even I LOVE "We Love Life!". These tracks sound essential.
12/07/12Milena RadovanovicThis has ti happen!
11/07/12Джони Серёжиктуруру
11/07/12Dariauniverse NEEDS it
11/07/12Ben Mercer
10/07/12PeterJust think of the money you'll make
10/07/12CraigMore Pulp in the world can only be good. Get it sorted.
10/07/12Simon Olsen
10/07/12laura jones
09/07/12Lassi Puolakka
09/07/12Fabien WerbrouckJust do it please
09/07/12sam roussolets have it
08/07/12jenny lee wingfieldlove u jarvis xxxx
08/07/12Beck FinneganThe more beautiful Pulp songs that get released, the closer we step to world peace :)
07/07/12MeganIf you love pulp. Do this.
07/07/12Austin Scholl
07/07/12AuroraI love their music
06/07/12Riho UiboPulp is hardcore!
06/07/12Judit Klopfer
05/07/12Erik JohnstadDo it!!!! ....please....
05/07/12Wortlieb Martinthat goes in there!
05/07/12Mona T. IsaksenWe want this!
05/07/12Syd EdwardsMake this happen, Universal!
05/07/12Werner Eriksen
05/07/12Kay lynas
05/07/12Rick Andrade
05/07/12Jan de la Rosa
05/07/12Lea MadrigalWe love Pulp! We Love Life!
05/07/12James leachThis needs to be done
05/07/12Rob LeachGo on!
05/07/12Anton Svensson
05/07/12zoe powellpretty please!
05/07/12James Crawley
05/07/12Pascal Munger
05/07/12Kellie Blair
05/07/12Jenny May
05/07/12Candy Bowman
05/07/12Alex Grindley
05/07/12Matthew Winterburn
05/07/12Michael Usher
05/07/12Candice Bradley
05/07/12Richard Mooresit would be a bit special
05/07/12helena fyles
05/07/12Rosa Gane
05/07/12Scotty L. AlmanyWe demand it!

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